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Muse Staff Updates

The Muse Writers Center has some exciting staff updates! With the continued support of the Hampton Roads literary community, we are able to expand our staff and our operational capabilities. 

We are proud to welcome Rebekah Coxwell, Jason Gunning, and Leslye Reaves to our staff.

Rebekah Coxwell is The Muse’s new Program Manager! She is also our lead Youth teacher. In these roles, she supervises teachers, researches best practices for youth, creates curriculum for the youth program, collects data to track the effect of the curriculum used in the youth program, and supervises the Teen Fellows program.

Jason Gunning is The Muse’s new Operations Manager! He handles the day-to-day administrative duties of the organization.

Leslye Reaves is The Muse’s Web Developer! 

Additionally, Susan Deutsch and Sierra Foltz are now The Muse’s paid interns! Susan is our Community and Events Organizer Intern and Sierra is our Development and Social Media Intern. 

We also, unfortunately, have to say goodbye to our Program Associate Anna Fitzgerald. Anna has been instrumental to The Muse’s success since 2018. Check out her business as a life coach for creative people: Heartbeat Hive. Anna Fitzgerald is a Life Coach for Creative People. She specializes in helping creative people get organized, manager energy/time, and getting into deep focus during FLOW. She provides group coaching & private coaching. Finder on Instagram or on Facebook.

We at The Muse are so grateful for all of our staff, interns, volunteers, teachers, and students who help us achieve our mission of making the literary arts accessible to all. We anticipate a fantastic fall and winter packed with exciting and insightful classes and seminars as well as a diverse array of literary events!