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Norfolk Songwriters Learn and Collaborate

Over the last decade, Norfolk-based singer/songwriter Skye Zentz has made a name for herself with her infectious, uplifting energy, honest lyrics, and memorable melodies. Skye is a true Norfolkian, and if you have spent any time in Hampton Roads, chances are that you have heard her beautifully positive, catchy tunes.

Skye has also been teaching songwriting and ukulele classes at The Muse Writers Center for going on 10 years now. During that time, she has nurtured an ever-growing community of songwriters and musicians looking to learn and improve their craft in community. The Muse’s Winter/Spring 2023 classes are in full swing, including some of Skye’s songwriting classes; here is her message for her former, current and soon-to-be students:

I wrote a tender little ditty for all of us song makers, to remind ourselves of the reasons why the practice of writing songs is so important and so rewarding. I’ve attached it, (and pasted the lyrics at the bottom of this email) and I hope you’ll do me the kindness of finding a moment to give it a listen over the weekend!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and create with such a talented and wonderful human! Consider joining Skye and the Muse for another rad new semester of songwriting. Tuition assistance is always available for anyone who needs it. Follow the links for details:

Learn More about Skye: