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Special Events at The Muse!

Desiree Cooper, author of Nothing Special, at The Muse Writers Center for a special workshop and seminar on January 21st.

Very Special Engagements at The Muse

Norfolk, January 21, 2023, Award winning author, Desiree Cooper and illustrator, Bec Sloane are scheduled to discuss the fruitful collaboration that led to beautifully crafted 2021 children’s book, Nothing Special.

Nothing Special was listed by the New York Public Library as on of the 10 best children’s books of 2022. High praise for a book that has garnished attention for its wonderful heart felt story, but also for its unique illustrations.

The Muse is very happy to invite Desiree Cooper and Bec Sloane to share their collaborative experience on the road to publication with two experiences offered.

Register for a limited seat hybrid seminar with author and illustrator: Story v. Art: The Making of a Children’s Picture Book. 


Join us for a free hybrid panel and discussion in the afternoon with Des and Bec as they share more of their journey: Nothing Special: Behind the Scenes and Between the Lines.

This Panel will be live streamed on out Facebook page:

Brought to you in part by Prince Books.

Support local book stores. Purchase a copy at The Muse from Prince Books on the day of.

To find more about Desiree Cooper, Bec Sloane, and Nothing Special, visit