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Give Local 757

Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, and/or sent great energy our way during Give Local 757 2019! This year, we raised about $29,070 from about 551 generous donors!

And this year, we won the first place prize grant for most overall donors! This is all because of your support, and we really, really appreciate it.

Special Prize to Donors: We held a random drawing with the names of everyone who donated to us during Give Local 757 and picked three winners. Congratulations to Alice Lee & Lynne-Hope Ornoff for winning free 1-meeting seminars at The Muse; and congratulations to Hollie Sessoms for winning a ticket to our upcoming Book Lovers Bash and VIP Reception, on Saturday, October 5.

Did you know? The Muse provides more than $28,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships to nearly 250 students, and helps send 3 people to college each year. We offer nearly 300 classes and serve more than 1,200 students (from age 6 to post-retirement) each year, and The Muse helps give writers a voice, organizing readings, open mics, and writers events that reach more than 7,000 adults, teens, and kids each year. We're expanding our outreach to senior living communities, youth programs & schools, and military & veterans groups. The Muse is Hampton Roads' only literary center and is ranked in the top-10 in the country! Your donation will help us continue to grow and better serve the community! Thank you for your support!

Give Local 757 was sponsored locally by the Peninsula Community Foundation, The Hampton Roads Community Foundation, and Bank of America. Thank you for their help and support.

Even though this event is concluded, you can always donate to The Muse.

Our 500+ Generous Donors:

30 Anonymous Donors
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Sarah-Grace)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Ann K. Sullivan Esq.)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of ASAP and ODU)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Dakota Chacon)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of David Klein)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of my dad)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of My mom-Miriam Dempsey)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Noah Baumbach)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Phillippe Mosier)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Shawn Girvan)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Steve Blythe-a true American if there ever was one)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Stories Untold)
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Tim Conway)
Anonymous Donor (in memory of Richard Milhous Nixon)
A Taste Of France
Abigail Gillen
Abigail Putnam
Adam Paine
Aleene Rose
Alfred Crane (in honor of Tim Conway)
Alfred Crane
Alice Lee (in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Alicia Dekker (in honor of Julia Hislop)
Alison Schoew
Allan Murphy
Allen White
Alyssa Hollingsworth
Amanda Martin
Amanda Steadele
Amelia Sievers (in honor of Anna Fitzgerald)
Amy Aiken
Amy Jonak (in honor of Shawn & The Musettes)
Amy Logan
Andrea Lambie
Andrew Livengood
Andrew Tavss
Andria McClellan
Angela Benard
Angela Wierzbicki
Angela Winters
Ann Gillen
Ann McCarthy
Ann Meek
Ann Sullivan
Anna Fitzgerald (in honor of Denise Baker & Michael Khandelwal)
Anna Loomis
Anne Mueller
Anthony & Bonnie Cascio
April Threet
Barbara Carlson (in memory of Raymond Carver)
Barbara Fine (in honor of our daughter-Diane Fine)
Barbara Gardner
Barbara Taylor
Belinda Williams (in honor of Onishaclaire)
Beth Williams
Bettie Cooper
Betty Meyer
Bill Ayres
Bonita Fields
Brad McMurran (in memory of Julia Hislop and John Sharp)
Brenda Barnes
Brian Hennessy
Caitlin Hayes
Caitlyn Worner
Carol Bronson
Carol Howard
Carol Sabellico
Caroline Mann (in honor of Shawn & his Musettes)
Carrie Chantler (in honor of Brad Nelson Winters)
Caswell Richardson (in honor of David Richardson)
Catherine Borden
Catherine Fletcher
Catherine Malley
Catherine Schuck (in honor of Chloe Schuck)
Cathy Craft (in memory of Dakota Chacon)
Cathy Huemer (in honor of Lora Reed)
Cecelia Hagen (in honor of Phyllis Paxton Hagen)
Celina Santana
Charles Hecht-Leavitt
Charles Rhodes
Charles Wilson (in honor of Kafka)
Cheryl Hornung (in honor of Alicia and Helen Dekker)
Chris Winfield
Christie Davenport
Christine Koubek (in honor of Ann Roberts)
Christine Neikirk (in honor of Susan Lilly)
Christine Truman
Christine White
Christopher DeMatteo
Cindy Carlson
Claire Smith (in memory of Rev. Aaron D. Smith and Carolyn D. Smith)
Cornelia Brown
Courtney Haywood (in honor of Ann Sullivan)
Dakota Wilster
Dan Becker
Dana Wells
Daniel Brame
Daniel Duke
Darlene Ward
Daun Hester
David Cascio
David Girvan (in honor of Thomas Girvan)
David Harpest
David Sadler
Debbie Eddings
Debbie Paine
Deborah Collins (in honor of Ann K. Sullivan Esq.)
Debra Frech
Denise Cassella (in honor of David Cascio)
Derek Spohn
Desiree Cooper
Diane Fine
Diane Kaufman
Dianne Blythe (even though I'm Steve Blythe's Mom-in honor of Shawn Girvan)
Dino McCurdy
Donald Meador
Donna Briggs
Donna Conover
Donnell Catherines
Doris Gwaltney
Douglas Carlson
Douglas Knack
Drema Deoraich
Dustin Jones
Elaine Panneton
Elizabeth Esenberg
Elizabeth Fine (in honor of Diane Fine)
Elizabeth Girvan (in honor of Ace)
Elizabeth Grainger (in honor of Georgie Andre)
Elizabeth Kurz
Elizabeth Philpott (in honor of Sarah Pringle and Michael Khandelwal)
Ellen Bryson
Emily Birknes
Emma Reilly
Emma Yokois
Erin Beaty
Evan Hartley
Frances Ward
Frederick Levy
Gabriel Robinson (in honor of all D&D characters-past present and future)
Gail Kent
Gail Perry
Gareth Trollope
Garland Gallaspy
Gaylia Taylor
George Okaty
George Kelley
George Schaefer
Georgie Marquez
Gilbert Kraine
Govind Khandelwal
Greetle Gillen
Gregory Peterman (in honor of Yorgo's Bageldashery)
Gretchen Gillen
Gudrun Nadjat-Haiem
Harriet Schley
Hayley Daniels
Heather Paine
Helen Dekker
Helen Kuhns (in memory of Ryley Cofer & Frank Jordan)
Henry Thompson
Hollie Sessoms
Holly Chacon (in honor of Dakota Chacon)
Holly Santiago
Ian Overholt
Ilene Goldman (in honor of Dan Goldman)
J Mahlau-Heinert
Jack Sommers
James Hinshaw
James Justice
James Roberts
James Sexton
James Veverka
James Wilson (in honor of Wider Perspectives Publishing)
Jamshid Samareh
Jane Wertz (in honor of My father)
Jane White
Janella Hecker (in honor of all your zany characters....past present and future!)
Janet Bing (in honor of Luisa Igloria)
Janine Latus (in honor of Alison Schoew and Kelly Sokol)
Jason Dietz (in honor of the concept of words)
Jason Hoffman
Jean Picou
Jeff Fine
Jeffrey Andrews
Jeffrey Hecker
Jeffrey Hutson
Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Girvan (in honor of Sally Field the Cat)
Jennifer Hitchcock
Jennifer Malia
Jessica Kelley
Jessica Tyree
Jim Dekker
Jim Morrison
Joanne Davies
Joanne Higgins (in honor of Prentice Cushing Jr.)
Joanne Robbins (in honor of Kay and Al Russillo)
Job Girvan
Jody Miller
Joe Jackson
John Chappell
John Deal
John Girvan (in honor of Shawn Girvan)
John McCarthy
John Weech (in honor of KSS)
Jon Berry
Jon Zuck (in honor of Lloyd Zuck)
Joni Baker
Jordan Fernandez
Joseph Barboza
Joseph Lassiter
Josh Peek
Joy Dean (in honor of Patricia Bowen)
Joyce Swindell
Judith Moffitt
Julia L. Ray
Kailyn Sasso
Kara Norman
Karen Corrigan
Karen Fine (in honor of Diane Fine)
Karen Mosier
Karen Reilly
Karen Schiler (in honor of Abigail Keegan)
Karen Steele
Karl Bogott
Karrie McDaniels
Kate Thomas
Katherine Chapman
Katherine Frei Diamond
Katherine Schulz
Katherine Sikes
Katheryn Fletcher (in honor of Kelly Sokol)
Kathleen Haney (in honor of Dakota Chacon)
Kathryn Copeland
Kathryn Morton
Kathryn Puerini
Kathy Brobst (in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Kathy Kruschwitz (in honor of Cindy Carlson's birthday!)
Kathy Renault (in honor of Jane White my daughter)
Kathy Sarosdy (in memory of Susan Argo)
Katie Begley
Kelley Sousa
Kelly Sokol
Kim Bielmann
Kim Jaramillo
Kimberly Urdaneta (in honor of Marite Clifford)
Kindra Greene
Konrad Winters
Kristen Richardson
Landis Lee
Landra Gifford
Lane Ritter
Laura Beraha (in memory of Frank Kelly Freas)
Laura King (in honor of Julia Hislop)
Lauran Strait
Laurie Bedwell
Lawrence Leibowitz
Lawton Baker
Lee Entsminger
Leigh Lagoe
Leslie Entsminger
Leslie Hecht-Leavitt
Leslie Renn
Leslie Shroyer
Leticia Alonso
Lewis Crenshaw
Lewis Foster
Lily Hecht-Leavitt
Linda Cobb
Linda Hansen
Linwood Fisher
Lisa Bolen
Lisa Cooper (in honor of Matilda Klow)
Lisa Speckheuer
Lisa Vickers
Lisa Vincent
Lori Mandy Pennington
Luisa Igloria
Lydia Netzer
Lynn Schoenbaum
Lynne-Hope Ornoff (in honor of Kopeland Daniel Ornoff)
Maggie Libby
Maia Peters
Maithili Barot
Malcom Massey
Marc Moss
Marc Pessar (in honor of Tim Seibles on the occasion of his retirement)
Marcia Gray
Margaret DeTar-Lavallee
Margaret Everton
Margarita Budrionis
Maria Suarez
Marilyn Barton (in honor of Mary Zuccarini)
Marilyn Mendelson
Marion McCurdy
Martha Ambler
Marvin Eley
Mary Baker (in honor of Dabney G. Baker IV) Mary Barhydt (in honor of Kathryn Copeland)
Mary Bartlett
Mary Batten
Mary Kledzik (in honor of Michael K.)
Mary Veverka
Matt Reilly (in honor of Nancy Sommers)
Matthew Cole (in honor of John Sharp)
Matthew Friedman (in honor of screenwriters everywhere)
Maxwell Minor
Meaghan Mozingo
Melissa Deutsch
Melissa Maniglia
Meredith Gold (in honor of Diane Fine)
Michael and Michelle Park
Michael Carhart
Michael Frost
Michael Gillen
Michael Khandelwal
Michael Knepler
Michael Krentz
Michael Owens
Michael Rigg
Michael Shaw (in honor of Larry T. Shaw)
Michael Ziegenfuss
Mike Aiken
Mike Booth
Millicent Accardi
Milton Saunders
Mirabai Roberts
Missy Schmidt (in honor of Leslie Entsminger)
Nancy Blumenberg (in honor of all mothers everywhere)
Neil Rose (in honor of Charles Hecht-Leavitt)
Norman Loeb
Patricia Corbus
Patricia Smith
Patrick Gray
Pattti Hinson
Paul Tschiderer
Paula Fortin (in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Peggy Meder
Penny Rosenwasser (in honor of Cindy Carlson)
Perry Miles
Pete Paine
Peter Schulman
Philip Walzer
Pieter Dahmen
R L Baxter Jr
Ramin Fatehi (in honor of Stephen P. Burgess)
Raphael Gillen
Ray Smith
Rebecca Hamill
Rebecca Lane Coulson
Reginald Buchanan
Reid Doughten
Remica Bingham-Risher
Renee Olander (in honor of Virginia Armstrong)
Rhonda Adkins
Ricardo Alonso
Richard Goll
Richard Levin
Richard Popkin (in honor of Jane Popkin)
Richard Williams
Rick Fischer (in honor of Rick's Muse Screenwriting Classes)
Rick Kennerly
Rick Schoew
Robert Bernstein
Robert Bingham (in honor of Remica)
Robert Boester
Robert Copeland
Robert Edwards
Robert Fine (in honor of Tim Conway)
Robert Howard
Robert Roman
Robert Sawyer (in honor of my mom)
Roberta Pearson
Robin Cowherd
Robyn Field (in honor of Diane Fine)
Robyn Thomas
Rochelle McKoy
Roderick McLeod (in honor of Makayla Mozingo)
Rodney Williamson
Ronald Greenspan (in honor of Noa Greenspan)
Rosalie Masure
Rosanne Walters
S. K. Reilly (in honor of Emma Reilly)
Sandra Wittman
Sara Pelosi
Sarah Parrott
Scott Fales
Scott Manzler
Scott Wertz
Seth Pomeroy
Shannon Lesoken
Shannon Mosier (in honor of Mr. Girvan & his beautiful wife)
Sharon Leeman (in honor of Michael Khandewal)
Sharon Talasazan
Shawn Girvan (in Memory of Mary Katherine & Joan Rivers)
Shawn Rockhold
Sheila Arnold
Sheila Sheppard (in honor of Patti Hinson)
Sherene Silverberg (in honor of Lydia Netzer)
Shirley Brackett (in honor of Tori Lavallee & Teen Fellowship Program)
Shirley McDonald
Skip Keith (in honor of Helen Moon)
Somtow Sucharitkul
Sonja Barisic (in honor of Kathy Brobst)
Star LaBranche
Stephanie Brannick
Stephanie Calliott (in honor of Charles Hecht-Leavitt)
Stephanie Catherines
Stephen Burgess
Stephen Reed
Steven Saunders
Susan Kim
Susan Larson (in honor of Michael Khandelwal)
Susan Mosier
Susan Okaty
Suzanne Aldridge
Sybil Spurgeon (in honor of Ann Sullivan)
Sylvia Liu
Tammie Elliott
Tara Chapman
Tarin Kovalik
Ted Warren
Terri Sarafan
Terri-Lynn Hedgepeth
Terry Joseph
Theresa Parker (in honor of Larry Edge)
Thom Vourlas
Thomas Cannone
Timothy Sumner Seibles
Tom Reel
Tomme Connelley
Tommy Leeman
Tracy Jackson (in honor of Riley Jackson)
Tresa Gardner
Tyler Leinbach (in honor of Lisa Cooper)
Valerie Wilkinson
Vinita Folck
Virginia Werner
Vivianne Gantous
Wendi White
Whitney Weireter
William Gillen
William Laderberg
Willis Ward Jr.
Yvette Williams
Zachary Singer-Leavitt