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Thank you so much for a spectacular Give Local 757!

Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, and/or sent great energy our way during Give Local 757, on Tuesday, May 11, 2021!

Donations after May 11 are still trickling in, but as of 10 a.m., Friday, May 14, we raised $34,463.93 from 602 generous donors and counting. This includes two $757 grant prizes from the Foundation.

The anonymous donor who had made the $35,000/$15,000 challenge was very impressed by the community's support of The Muse and the 24-hour livestream/webinar the staff put together. Plus they understand that donations are still coming in, and they figure we'll easily pass our $35,000 goal, so they have agreed to donate the $15,000 challenge amount!

All of this is all because of your support, and we are grateful beyond belief... The generosity of our community is so very much appreciated.

Even though this event is concluded, you can always donate to The Muse.

Please see the bottom of this page for a list of our amazing donors.

Special Prize to Donors

We will hold a random drawing with the names of everyone who donated to us during Give Local 757 and pick three winners of a free seminar. Please stay tuned for the announcement of winners.

Our Need

We are Hampton Roads’ only literary center, and your generous donation will immediately help fund both the technology and sustainability we need to move forward during the coronavirus crisis and beyond. In a time when our community is isolated from one another, education and artistic enrichment is vital.

Did You Know?

The Muse provides more than $28,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships to nearly 300 students, and helps send 5 people to college each year. We offer nearly 300 classes and serve more than 1,400 students (from age 6 to post-retirement) each year, and The Muse helps give writers a voice, organizing readings, open mics, and writers events that reach more than 13,000 adults, teens, and kids. We're expanding our outreach to senior living communities, youth programs & schools, and military & veterans groups. The Muse is Hampton Roads' only literary center and is ranked in the top-10 in the country! Your donation will help us continue to serve the community. We need your support!


Thank you to our Amazing Donors!

80 Anonymous Donors, Anonymous Donor (Here’s to Mike!), Anonymous Donor (in honor of Diane Marcus Fine), Anonymous Donor (in honor of Jane White), Anonymous Donor (in honor of Jim Ragan), Anonymous Donor (in honor of Lloyd Zuck), Anonymous Donor (in honor ofJanice Johnson), Anonymous Donor (in memory of Len Wines--friend of Michael Khandelwal), Anonymous Donor (in memory of Rock God Leslie West), Anonymous Donor (No matter where you go there you are. --Buckaroo Banzai), Anonymous Donor (Thank you for all the dreams you make a reality!), Anonymous Donor (Thanks for all the wonderful classes you have made possible!), Anonymous Donor (This one is for Bacon), Anonymous Donor (Writers supporting writers.), Anonymous Donor (You guys are great. Thank you.), Abby Beckwith, Abigail Gillen, Adam Greene, Akie Bermiss, Al Markowitz (in honor of Partisan Press), Alana Hollings, Alba Woolard, Alexandra Weller, Alfred Crane, Alice Lee, Alice Steele (in honor of Govind K.), Alicia and Jim Dekker, Alison Schoew, Allan Murphy, Allan Murphy, Allie Marie, Amanda Byrne, Amy Sokol, Amy Stoddard, Andrew Cohen, Andria McClellan, Angel Adell, Angela Wierzbicki, Angela Winters (in memory ofKonrad Winters), Ann Bane, Ann Chinnis MD, Anna and Bobby Sosa (Thanks for being such an awesome part of this community!), Anna Fitzgerald (in memory of Charles Fitzgerald), Anna Walker, Annabelle Strait, April Smith, Arlene Arthur (in memory of Mildred P. Whitehurst), Ashley Miller, Bacon and Brandy Girvan, Barbara Carlson, Barbara Rogers, Belinda Elliott (Love The Muse!), Bess Decker,Beth Schatz Kaylor, Beth Williams, Bill Ayres, Bill Glose (The Muse has supported the local literary community for so long. I'm glad to be able to give a little bit back to help support it.), Bob Boester, Brad McMurran, Brad Parks (Thanks for all you do to support the literary arts on the Hampton Roads peninsula and beyond!), Bradley Wanzor, Brenda Barnes, Brian Weir, Brooks Johnson and Germaine Clair, Bryan Fields, Caitlin Hayes, Caitlyn Worner, Carl Cascio, Carlton Hardy, Carmen Renn, Carol Bronson, Carol Howard, Carol Parris Krauss, Carol Whitney, Carrie Longworth, Cassandra Murdough, Caswell Richardson, Catherine Borden, Catherine Fletcher, Cathy Craft, Charles Hecht-Leavitt, Charles Hood, Charles Rhodes, Charles Stanton, Charles Sukenik, Charles Wilson (Long live the Muse), Chase Folmar (Thanks from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Hampton Roads), Chelsea & Russ McIntosh, Cheryl and Barthold Hornung (This donation is in support of my talented daughter Alicia Dekker!), Christie Davenport, Christine Koubek (in honor of Ann Roberts), Christine Truman, Christopher DeMatteo, Christopher McCarthy (Muse for one. Muse for all!), Cindy Carlson, Claire Smith (in memory of Rev. Aaron D. Smith and Carolyn D. Smith), Clay Jenkinson, Courtney Richard (in honor of Konrad Winters), Cynthia Lane, Cynthia Vacca Davis, Cynthia Waldron, Cyrus Renn, Dan Noffsinger (May the Muse’s light continue to shine bright in a dark universe!), Dana Staves, Danielle Anderson (I'm proud to give to the Muse Writer's Center because they provide spaces for learning; sharing; creating and community!), Dannette Gunning, Darcy Edwards, Darlene Ward, Daun Hester, David Cascio, David Davenport, David Lauthers, David Sadler, Deborah Baxter, Deborah Wallace, Debra Paine (in honor of Adam Paine), Deepak Ray, Derek Spohn, Diana Burson, Diane Fine, Diane Zinna (Thank you Muse! Thank you Michael and Shawn!), Dianne Blythe, Dino McCurdy, Donna Givens (in memory of the Gillen parents), Donnell Catherines, Doris Knight-Bingham, Doug Carlson, Douglas Knack, Drema Deoraich (in honor of the Science Fiction Writers of Hampton Roads), Eben Bracy, Edward Huff, Elaine Luria, Elaine Panneton, Elizabeth Brock, Elizabeth Darling, Elizabeth Esenberg, Elizabeth Girvan, Ellen Bryson (The Muse rocks.), Emily Davidson (in honor of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Hampton Roads), Emily Pease, Eric Williams , Erika Guess, Erin Beaty, Erin Lindstrom, Evan Hartley, Fran Walsh Ward, Fran Ward, Frances Scott, Frank Carey, Fred Levy (The Muse and its gifted teachers (and students) have transformed my poetry. There is no place anywhere like The Muse.), Gabriel Robinson, Gail Kent, Gail Perry (in memory of Barbara Taylor), Gale Svenson-Campbel, Gavin Pate, Gayle Blackstone (in honor of Susan T. Paxton), Gaylia Taylor, George Schaefer, Georgie Marquez-Andre, Germana Berni, Gillian Durham, Ginny Werner, Gorang Khandelwal, Grant & Paige Simmons (COYS - Spurs family), Gretchen Gillen, Hank Thompson, Hayley Daniels, Hayley Mullin (Happy to donate to this cause!), Helen Dekker, Helen Wright, Hercules P. White, Hollie Sessoms, Holly Chacon (in memory of Dakota Chacon & in honor of Joaquin; Jack and Kelsey), Hope Moore, Ian Overholt, J George Carter (in honor of my friend Michael Khandelwal), Jack Wilson, James Hill (For all the good work you do.), James Hinshaw, James Ragan, James Sexton, Jamie Sturges, Jamilah LeCruise, Jane Alvarez-Wertz (In support of the Muse Writers Center and my wonderful friend Michael), Jane White (in memory of my friend Mary Kelliher Wilt  and thank you to Michael K; Shawn G; and all the amazing Muse staff; volunteers and the Board for helping to keep this jewel growing!!! Write Where You Are!), Janella Hecker (In support of Alicia--my sister and that we live nowhere near each other!), Janet Bing, Janette Brown, Janice Carlson, Janine Latus (Where would we all be without The Muse? In memory of Mary Kelliher Wilt), Jason and Cheryl Gunning, Jason Dietz, Jatin Khandelwal (In support for Muse), Jayne Ann Krentz, Jean Picou, Jeanne Marie Liggio, Jeff Becker , Jeff Parrott, Jeffery Brisendine, Jeffrey Fine, Jeffrey Hecker (peace love and soul), Jen Adams, Jennifer Edwards, Jennifer Girvan, Jenny Loveland, Jeremy Johnson, Jerri Dickseski, Jessica Carter, Jessica Grace Kelley, Jessica Klemencic, Jessica Tyree, Jim Dekker, Jim Hodges, Jimi Barot, Jo Higgins (To my friends at The Muse and in memory of my friend Adam Paine- thank you for your continued spark in creativity and allowing sitters to Explore their art.), Joan Rhodes-Copeland, Joann & Rick Papesca, Joanne Davies, Jo-Anne Murphy, Joanne Robbins (in honor of Kay and Al Russillo), Joe Barkley, John Chappell (in honor of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Hampton Roads), John DeDakis, John Koehler (in honor of Koehler Books), John Weech, John Wharton (Writers gotta write), Joni Baker, Jordan Fernandez, Jose Gonzalez, Joseph Cascio, Joseph Lang, Joseph Schulz, Joy Dean, Joyce Swindell, Judy Kaplowitz, Julie Walls, K. Frances Renault, Kaitrin Mahar, Kara Latorella (Good luck!), Kara Norman, Karen Ann Kendall, Karen Corrigan, Karen Jolly Davis, Karl and Nancy Blumenberg, Karla & Andrew Martin (We are proud to give to The Muse Writers Center.  It is an outstanding organization and a much needed resource in our community.), Karrie Loomis, Kasee Renshaw, Kasey Kennedy, Kat De Shields (I was a student way back when- and the classes I took led to me pursuing my MFA in writing. Thank you Michael for all you do for those who don’t yet know they are a writer.), kate Baldwin (in honor of Michael Khandelwal), Kate Pringle, Katherine Frei, Katherine Chapman, Katherine Schulz, Kathleen Campbell (Donating in remembrance of my grandmother.), Kathleen Renault (in honor of Jane White), Kathryn Brownlow, Kathryn Copeland, Kathy Hessmer, Kathy Sarosdy, Kathy Brobst (In honor of my parents-- all lost in the last few years.), Katie Begley, Katie Fletcher, Katie Hitchcock, Kaven Broberson (For Mickley Pickley), Kelley McGee-Sousa, Kelly Sokol, Kenneth Tomasits, Kent & Alise Wascom, Kerri Land (in memory of our beloved Dr. K.), Kim Bielmann (Thank you for all that you do for healing and creativity and community!), Kimberly Ammons, Kimberly Urdaneta (in memory of Marite Clifford), Kindra McDonald, Kris Roley, Kristin Mehaffey, Kyle Graham, L. Penelope, LaKeah Wilkins, Lane Ritter, Laney Pickel, Larry Chapman, Laura Brodian Freas Beraha, Lauran Strait, Lauren McDonald (with thanks for what I learned from their classes. In honor of Jen Adams & Shawn Girvan), Laurine Daniel, Lee Bachas, Lee Entsminger, Leslie Entsminger, Leslie Renn, Lewis Crenshaw, Libby Kurz, Lidia Sprinceana, Linda Cobb, Linda Marshall, Lisa Booth, Lisa Cooper, Lisa Drago, Lisa Richardson, Lisa Speckheuer, Lisa Vincent, Lisa Weinert (Thank you for all that you are doing for this cause Kelly!), Logan Hall, Lucas LaClaire, Lucy Hall, Luisa Igloria, Lynn Denison (Donating to The Muse is my absolute pleasure. You have fostered writing in the person that I care for the most--and for those who have the passion to express themselves creatively. In honor of Lee Denison; my Mother; for her Poetry passion.), Mandy Martin, Mandy Pennington, Marc and Kate Powell (in honor of Kinda McDonald), Marc Pessar (In honor of Professors Luisa Igloria and Tim Seibles.), Marcia Gray, Margaret DeTar-Lavallee (You are the best!), Margarita Cruz Vargas, Marilyn Barton, Marilyn Mendelson, Marion McCurdy, Marion Wrenn, Marlo Cutler, Mary Baker (Hoping you reach your goal! You deserve it!), Mary Batten, Mary Beauchamp (in honor of Shawn Girvan--Thanks to an encouraging teacher), Mary Robinette, Matt and Tracy Jackson, Matt Cole (in honor of Adam Paine), Matt Reilly (in honor of Emma Reilly), Meaghan Mozingo, Megan Mann, Megan O'Connor, Melissa Page Deutsch (Thank you to The Muse for all that you do to connect us to our creativity. What a gift.), Mella Leibrand, Merrie Milner, Mia Pleasant, Mia Robinson, Michael Berlucchi (in honor of Jane White), Michael Gulland, Michael Jemal, Michael Khandelwal (In honor of the great staff at The Muse: Shawn; Susan; Remy; Jason; Sierra; & Charles), Michael Klineman (in honor of Michael Khandelwal), Michael McLane (Sing heavenly Muse...), Michael Owens, Michael Rigg, Michael-Ray Mathews, Michelle Park, Mike and Pam Ives, Mike Krentz, Mikey Mason, Millicent Accardi (The Muse provides a welcome home to both serious writers and those who dabble or are curious in all things literary!), Milton A. Saunders Jr., Molly Amador (Hope you land the grant!), Nalin Ratnayake, Nancy Aaron (in honor of Gretchen Gillen), Nancy Dickerson, Nancy Helman, Natascha Robinson, Nathaniel Glanzman, Nick Jones, Nicki Toy, Nicole Benson, Noa Greenspan, Norin Radd, Orlander Clements, Pamela Crenshaw, Pamela Denyes, Pamela Good, Patricia Corbus, Paula Radniecki, Penny Lewis, Pieter Dahmen, Prudence Salasky, Ramin Fatehi, Randall Gilliland (The Muse offers great classes--beginner to expert. I'm a beginner and signed up for my 4th class.), Raquel Hernandez, Ray Smith, Rebecca Scherer, Rebecca Lane Coulson, Reginald Burgess, Rekaya Gibson, Remica Bingham-Risher, Renee Olander (A gift to The Muse Writers Center on behalf of Dr. Virginia Armstrong- an extraordinary advocate for justice.), Ricardo Alonso, Richard G. Levin, Richard Goll, Richard Press, Rick Eley, Rick Hite, Rick Schoew, Robert Baxter Jr, Robert Bingham (in honor of Remica Bingham-Risher), Robert Copeland, Robert Edwards, Robert Roman, Robert Sawyer, Robert Strait, Robin Bernath, Robyn Thomas, Rochelle Graves McKoy, Roderick McLeod, Roderick McLeod (in honor of Makayla Mozingo), Rodney Williamson (In memory of Olivetti Ivriah), Ronald and Mary Jean Kledzik, Rooney and Finn, Rosalene Weech (in honor of Kelly Sokol), Rosanne Walters, Rufus T. Firefly (in honor of Hugh Jazz), Sally Noons, Sara Pelosi, Sarah Pishko (in honor of Prince Books), Scott Fales, Scott Hennessy, Scott Manzler, Selina Foreman, Seth Pomeroy, Shannon Griffin, Sharon Grotevant, Sharon Corbus (in memory of Colette Montgomery Sears), Sharon Leeman (in honor of Michael Khandelwal), Sharon Spohn (in honor of Derek Spohn), Sharon Talasazan (Thank you to the muse center for all you do for your community! In honor of Diane Fine), Shawn Girvan (in honor of Queen and Dan Aykroyd), Shawn Rockhold, Sheiko (in honor of Dakota Chacon), Sheila Arnold, Sheri Beyrau, Sheri Reynolds, Shirley McDonald, Sibel Galindez, Simon Hounslow, Skip Keith, Skye Zentz, SL Wickham, Sophie Copeland, Stephanie Catherines, Stephanie Checchia (in memory of Robert (Bob) Howard), Stephen Burgess (In memory of my friend Robert K. Ander), Steve and Rebecca Jones, Steven Blythe, Steven Jellerson (in honor of Cecile Jellerson), Steven Salpeter, Susan Deutsch, Susan Lolis, Susan Mosier, Susan Shea, Susan Thumm Paxton, Suzanne Rhodes (in honor of Mary Lee Haynes), Sybil Gillen, Sylvia Liu, Tamako Takamatsu, Tara Chapman, Terri-Lynn Hedgepeth, Terry Joseph, Terry Parker (In honor of those who write to cope and bravely share their journey.), The Push Comedy Theater, The Silverberg Family (in honor of Lydia Netzer. Thank you for all you do in nurturing the next generation of writers.), Theresa Scarbrough, Tiffany Wayne, Tiffany Winn (Thanks for what you do in the community.), Tim Seibles, Timothy Dunbar, Tobias Youngblood (in honor of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Hampton Roads), Tom and Martha Ambler, Tom Cannone, Tom Kelly, Tom Reel, Tommy & Meg Leeman (Supporting a great place right here in our own backyard.), Tracy Tucker, Tresa Gardner, Valerie Wilkinson, Vinita Folck, Vivianne Gantous, Warren Rifenburgh, Wendi White (Long live the Muse!), Wendy Auerbach, Wendy Bramble, Whitney Weireter (Love The Muse and the most heartfelt warm wishes to Michael and his crew.), Will Bane (in honor of Cindy Carlson), William Gillen, William Laderberg, Zida Ash