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Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, and/or sent great energy our way during Give Local 757, on Tuesday, May 10, 2022! This year, we raised more than $38,000 from more than 560 generous donors! And we won the 3rd place grant prize. Our anonymous donor was impressed, and even though we didn't reach the match amount, they will donate an extra $10,000 to The Muse and save the other $10,000 match for our Giving Tuesday fundraiser on November 29.

Even though this event is concluded, you can always donate to The Muse.

Special Prize to Donors

We held a random drawing with the names of everyone who donated to us during Give Local 757 and picked three winners of a free seminar. The winners are: Will Bane, Kathy Duncan, & Rosanne Walters. Congratulations!

Our Need

We are Hampton Roads’ only literary center, and your generous donation will immediately help fund both the technology and sustainability we need to move beyond the coronavirus crisis. In a time when our community is isolated from one another, education and artistic enrichment is vital.

Did You Know?

The Muse provides more than $28,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships to nearly 300 students, and helps send 5 people to college each year. We offer nearly 300 classes and serve more than 1,500 students (from age 6 to post-retirement) each year, and The Muse helps give writers a voice, organizing readings, open mics, and writers events that reach more than 16,000 adults, teens, and kids. We're expanding our outreach to senior living communities, youth programs & schools, and military & veterans groups. The Muse is Hampton Roads' only literary center and is ranked in the top-10 in the country! Your donation will help us continue to serve the community. We need your support!

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to the following people who donated to The Muse during Give Local 757. We are grateful and humbled by your support:

74 Anonymous Donors, Anonymous Donor (continue the great work), Anonymous Donor (Donate locally), Anonymous Donor (Get it!), Anonymous Donor (In honor of Bosco chocolate syrup-the elixir of the gods), Anonymous Donor (in honor of Cindy Carlson-writer and Muse aficionado.), Anonymous Donor (in honor of Derek S.), Anonymous Donor (in honor of Jessica Anne Kelley), Anonymous Donor (Love the work you do Jessica), Anonymous Donor (We love Diane Fine), Abby Weaver, Adam Austin (Muse Rules), Adam Gardner, Adam Paine, Adam Wolf (Sha-wn Gir-Van clap clap clapclapclap), Al Markowitz, Alba Woolard , Albert Meeks, Alexander Blevens, Alfred Crane (Keep up the great work), Alicia & Jim Dekker, Allie Marie Holmes, Alison Schoew, Allan Reynolds, Allison Cooper, AM Lyons, Amanda Steadele, Amber Forehand-Hughes, Andrea Petras, Andrew Leggett, Andria McClellan, Angela Benard, Angela Courtney, Angela Myers, Angela Winters (in honor of Konrad Winters), Angie Wierzbicki, Ann Bowen (in honor of Diane Fine), Ann McCarthy, Anna Fitzgerald (in memory of Charles Fitzgerald), Anne Schattmann, Annmarie Lockhark, Anthony & Bonnie Cascio, April Swe (Grateful to be able to help support such an amazing program!), Ashley B Swindell (in memory of Dori), Atoy Carrington, Austin Priest, Barbara Gardner, Barbra Roy Caris (in memory of Brenda Joy Caris), Ben and Vicky Abellera, Bess Decker, Beth Williams, Betsy Powell, Bill Glose (I love the Muse and its support of both the literary and the veteran community!), Blaine Martin (in memory of Ryan Allen), Bob Baxter & Glenda Warner (Do good.), Bonita Fields, Brad McMurran (Good talk), Brad Parks, Bradley W., Brande McCleese, Brandie Myers, Brenda L Barnes, Brendan Tierney, Brittany Culbertson, Brooks Johnson, Buffy Elder, Caandy Brown, Cab Spates, Caitlyn Worner, Carl Cascio, Carly Bennyhoff, Carlyn Kelley, Carmen D (in honor of Jane T. White), Carol Bronson, Carol Enders, Carol Howard (in honor of Dr. Robert John Howard), Carol Porter, Carol Whitney, Carol Wilkerson, Carolyn DePalma, Caryl Thompson (in honor of Jane T. White), Cassandra Murdough, Catherine Borden, Catherine Craft, Catherine Fletcher, Catherine Schuck, Cecelia Hagen, Center for Advanced Psychological Services, Challey Mielke, Charels Hecht-Leavitt, Charles Rhodes, Charles Stanton, Charles Turnitsa (Cheers to Michael and Cheers to the Muse Center), Charles Wilson, Cheryl Hahn, Cheryl Hornung (in honor of Alicia Dekker), Chris McCarthy (Thanks to the Muse for all you do-go Muse-go!), Christie Davenport, Christine Koubek, Christine Neikirk, Christopher De Matteo, Chuck Turnitsa, Claire Smith (in memory of Rev. Aaron D. Smith and Carolyn D. Smith), Claudia Mackintosh (In honor of Stephen Burgess), Clay Jenkinson, Colette Grail, Constance Liljengren, Constance Rhoton (in honor of Jane White), Cristina Foss, Cynthia Carlson, Dallis!, Dana Wells, Daniel Spencer, Dannette Gunning, Darlene Ward, Daryl Raskin and Charlie Riegle, Daun S Hester, Dave Crawford (Wishing everyone involved with the Muse the best. May your goal not only be met but exceeded. Thanks for all that you do for local writers and the community as a whole. We are indeed fortunate to have the Muse within our midst!), David Cascio, David Davenport, David Lampert (for doing all the write stuff), David Sadler, David Seletyn, Dawn Markman (With love from Brian & Dalbe and The AOC Salon Team!! We support the arts and you guys.), Deb, Deborah Baxter, Deborah Paige, Dee Southerland, Deepak Ray, Denise Cascio Cassella (In support of my brother-David Cascio), Denise Murden (The Muse Writers Center is one of the best places in Hampton Roads and beyond-providing support and social opportunities for writers of all ages!), Denise Perrin, Derek Spohn, Desiree Cooper, Diane Fine (I am proud to support the great work The Muse is doing in our community!), Diane Zinna, DM Frech, Donna Simmons (in memory of Len Wines), Doris Knight-Bingham, Drema Deoraich (Thanks Muse friends for all you do!), Dusti Connelley, E. Henry Doggett, Edina Butler, Edward john sommers, Elaine Panneton, Elizabeth A. Esenberg PhD, Elizabeth Fine, Elizabeth Girvan (in honor of Shawn Girvan), Elizabeth Kurz, Ellen Bryson, Emily Pease, Eric Williams, Erika Guess, Erin Beaty, Ethan Clarke, Evan Hartley, Fanning, Fara Harris-Evans, Fran Ward, Frances Scott, Fred Levy, Gale Svenson-Campbell, Gavin Pate, Gaylia Taylor, George Schaefer, Georgie Marquez-Andre, Georgina Miller, Gillian Durham & Ross Harvey (tall power!), Gillian McCreedy, Glenn Ferraro, Glowing Roots Press, Gorang Khandelwal, Grace Marie Belz (Love The Muse), Grant Simmons, Gregory Hood, Gretchen Gillen, Gretchen Tegethoff, HA Chacon (in Memory of Jack Armistead), Harold Weaver, Hayley Mullin and Sockprints, Helena Perry, Henry Ziegenfuss, Herc P., Hills, Hollie Sessoms, Holly Chacon (in memory of In memory of Dakota Chacon), Hope Horne (In loving memory of Dr. K.), Ian Overholt, III (in honor of Beth Williams), Jack Wilson, Jacob Gregory, Jacqueline Glass, Jacqueline Solee, Jake Balderson, James L Hill (I hope you reach your goal), James Ragan, James Roach, Jane Wertz, Jane White, Janella Hecker (In support of my sister Alicia! Write on!), Janet Bing, Janette Brown, Janine Lex, Janita Smith, Jason Dietz (why is there a watermelon there?), Jason Frishman, Jason Gunning, Jason Ray Carney, Jayne Krentz, Jeff Brisendine, Jeffrey Becker, Jeffrey Fine, Jeffrey Hutson, Jennifer Edwards (love you Muse), Jennifer Frias (in honor of Daniel Frias), Jennifer Leister, Jennifer Warren, Jessica Grace Kelley, Joanne Robbins, Joaquin Chacon (in memory of Dakota Chacon), Jody Benedict (in honor of Beth Williams), John Chappell (In honor of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Hampton Roads), John DeDakis, John Fanning, John Girvan (in honor of Shawn Girvan), John McCarthy, John McCormick, John Rhamstine, John Templin, Jonah Knight, Joni Baker, Joseph Burgess, Josh Haist, Josh Heivly, Joy Dean, JT White (in memory of Mary Kelliher Wilt), Judith Moffitt, Judith Moffitt, Julia L. Ray, Julie Maynor (Love the muse!!), Julie Phillips Brown, Kaitrin Mahar (in memory of Connie Hood), Kannan Srinivasan, Kara Keeling (in memory of Bob Kelly), Karen Corrigan, Karen Kendall, Karen Reilly, Karen Schiler (in honor of Govind Khandelwal and dads everywhere), Karrie McDaniels, Kate Baldwin (in honor of Michael Khandelwal), Kate Pringle (in honor of Diane Fine and Michael Khandelwal...keep up the great work!), Katherine Hessmer, Kathleeh Haney, Kathleen Campbell (in memory of Bessie Mae Campbell-Edwards), Kathleen Fogarty (in honor of Skye Zentz), Kathleen Renault (in memoriam), Kathleen Roper (in honor of Sara Niece), Kathryn Brobst, Kathryn Copeland, Kathryn Fine (Write on!), Kathryn Powell (in honor of Shawn Girvan), Kathy Duncan, Kathy Kruschwitz, Kathy Sarosdy (in memory of Frances Hammer), Katie Begley, Katie Hitchcock, Kedron Fix (in honor of Diane Fine), Kelley McGee, Kelly  Sokol, Kelly Connolly, Kelly Maples, Kelsey Colvard, Kelsey Williams, Kerri Land, Kevin Foss, Kimberly Ammons, Kindra Greene, Kirk Samuels, Kris Roley, Kristen Kirk, Kristin Mehaffey, Kristina Walker, KV, Kyle Graham, LaKeshia Whitehurst, Lane Ritter, LaTonya Parker, Laura Beraha (in memory of Frank Kelly Freas), Lauran Strait (The partnership between Hampton Roads Writers and The Muse Writers Center has been a blessing to the local literary arts community.), Lauren Alleyne, Lauren McDonald (In honor of all my Muse teachers: Jennifer Adams-Shawn Girvan-Lisa Cooper. Thank you.), Lee Entsminger, Leslie Entsminger (in honor of Michael Khandelwal), Leslie Hecht-Leavitt, Leslye Penelope, Lewis Crenshaw, Libba Moseley, Libby Ross (in honor of Jane White), Lidia Sprinceana, Linda Cobb, Linda Lawson, Linda Marshall, Linda Stoute (in honor of my son David Cascio), Lisa Cooper, Lisa Frates, Lisa Grimes, Lisa Speckheuer, Lisa Vincent, Lori Herrick Borden, Lucian Mattison, Lucy Hall, Lynn Cobb (in honor of Beth Williams), Maia Peters, Manan Shah (in honor of Kirit Shah), Mandy Martin, Mandy Pennington, Marc Pessar (in honor of Tim Seibles and Luisa Igloria), Margaret DeTar-Lavallee (You people are the best!), Marianne Villanueva, Marilyn Barton, Marion Lidman (in honor of Luisa and Gabriela Igloria), Marion Wrenn, Mark Haynes, Marlo Cutler, Marty and George Raiss (in honor of Steve Burgess), Marvin Eley, Mary Anna White, Mary Barhydt, Mary Batten, Mary Beauchamp, Mary J Kledzik (In honor of Michael), Mary Zentz, Matt Cole, Matt Jackson, Matt Reilly (in honor of Muse Alumni Emma Reilly), Matthew & Karen Fine (in honor of Diane Fine), Max Frias, Meaghan Mozingo, Megan O’Connor, Melissa Falcone, Melissa Franic, Melissa Page Deutsch (So proud and excited to support this jewel of Norfolk. Keep up the invaluable work you do!), Meredith Gold, Merrie Jo Milner, Michael Khandelwal (in honor of The Muse's staff), Michael Klineman, Michael Owens, Michael Rigg, Michele Matthews, Mikey Mason, Millicent Borges Accardi, Milton Saunders Jr, Minnie Fleming, Nalin Ratnayake, Nancy Blumenberg, Nancy Dickerson, Natalie Ekvall, Natalie Simpson (so impressed by all the young writers out there :-), Nathan Richardson, Nathaniel Glanzman, Nick Jones, Nicolas Janssen, Norma Gaetani, Pam Crenshaw, Patricia Hinson, Penelope Meredy, Penny Hutson, Perry Miles, Peter Jacobs, Peter March, Phil Hernandez, Philip and Mary Ann Walzer, Phyllis Joyner, Pierre Golpira, Pieter Dahmen , Prince Books, Priscilla Tynch, Push Comedy Theater, Qiwen Liang, Rahul Ray, Ralph Schvartz, Randy Rose, Ray Smith, Rebecca Lane Coulson, Reeves Mahoney, Rekaya Gibson, Remica Bingham-Risher, Renee Ellen Olander (in honor of Virginia Armstrong), Rev. Jim Young, Rhonda Adkins, Richard Goll, Richard Levin, Richard Martin, Richard Oswald, Richard Panek, Richard Press, Richard Wade and Sylvia Wrigley, Rick Krupnick, Ricks Voight, Robert Boester, Robert Copeland, Robert Edwards, Robert Loomis (in honor of Diane Fine), Robert Mercer, Robert Pitman, Robert Roman and Claus Ihlemann, Robert Sawyer, Robert Smith, Robert Vincent, Robin Bernath, Robyn Thomas, Rolf Williams, Rosanna Bencoach, Rosanne Walters, Rufus T. Firefly (in honor of Democracy and Freedom), Ryan Kelley, Ryoichi Oka, S.P. Somtow, Sam and Russ Bankston (to my favorite place in the world), Sandra Brandt, Sandra Dudgeon, Sara Pelosi, Sarah Kingsley, Sarah McCall, Sarah Parrott (Thanks for all you do to support and encourage writers!), Scott Manzler, Scott Wertz (I love you Michael), Selina Foreman, Shannon Bowman & Andrea Sardone, Shannon Griffin, Shannon J Curtin, Sharon Corbus (in memory of Lester and Melba Miller), Sharon Leeman (in honor of Michael Khandelwal), Sharon Metro, Shawn Girvan (in memory of Gilbert Gottfried), Shawn Rockhold, Sheri Reynolds, Shirra  Leavitt, Sibel Galindez (in honor of Michael Khandelwal & our many years of partnership with The Z!), Simon Hounslow, Skip Keith (in memory of Jacin Lisner), Star LaBranche, Stephanie Catherines, Stephanie Iles, Stephen Burgess, Steve Blythe, Steve Gooch, Steven Salpeter, Sue Mosier, Susan Lolis, Susan Claesson (in honor of Jane White), Susan Deutsch, Susan Kim, Susan Lowe, Susan Paxton (Thanks to The Muse members for helping my publishing dream come true), Suzanne Rhodes (In honor of the great work done by the awesome Muse staff), Tanya Bartholomew (I love what you do! Wish I could help more.), Tara Emerson, Taralyn Rowe, Taryn Blake, Terry Cox-Joseph, Terry Parker, The Philpott Family (in honor of Michael Khandelwal and Sarah Pringle), Theresa Schindler, Thomas Kelly, Thomas W Croneberger, Tierra Langley, Tiffany Wayne, Tim Seibles (in honor of Aisha Moon), Tina Carey (I am so grateful for the amazing teachers. With their guidance and encouragement-I am a published poet! And in memory of Gary and Justin Alexander), Toinette Thomas, Tom and Terry Sager, Tomme Connelley, Tommy & Meg Leeman, Tracy Jackson, Tracy Rice Weber, Valerie Wade, Vernadine Merrick, Victoria Armstrong, Victoria Lavallee, Vinita Folck, Virginia Thumm, Wendy Auerbach, Wendy Bramble, Wider Perspectives Publishing (Thank you Muse for helping pull the talent of this area to the front and helping them hone their voices), Will Bane, William Ayres, William Laderberg, William Oast, Yayra McGodfred (The Muse is awesome!!)