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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who donated, shared, liked, and/or sent great energy our way during Give Local 757, on Tuesday, May 12, 2020! This year, we raised $31,212 from about 486 generous donors!

And this year, we won the third place grant for third most overall donors! This is all because of your support, and we are grateful beyond belief... The generosity of our community is so very much appreciated.

Even though this event is concluded, you can always donate to The Muse.

Special Prizes to Donors

We will hold a random drawing with the names of everyone who donated to us during Give Local 757 and pick five winners of a free seminar. Please stay tuned for the announcement of winners.

Our Need

While health is everyone’s number one priority, in a time when our community is isolated from one another, online education and online artistic enrichment is vital.

The Muse Writers Center is Hampton Roads’ only literary center, and if you are financially able during this crisis, your generous donation will immediately help fund both the technology and sustainability we need to move forward during the coronavirus crisis and serve as many in the community as we can, moving our classes, outreach, readings, and events to online platforms and finding other innovative ways to reach the community.

Did You Know?

The Muse provides more than $28,000 in tuition assistance and scholarships to nearly 300 students, and helps send 3 people to college each year. We offer nearly 300 classes and serve more than 1,400 students (from age 6 to post-retirement) each year, and The Muse helps give writers a voice, organizing readings, open mics, and writers events that reach more than 12,000 adults, teens, and kids. We're expanding our outreach to senior living communities, youth programs & schools, and military & veterans groups. The Muse is Hampton Roads' only literary center and is ranked in the top-10 in the country! Your donation will help us continue to serve the community. We need your support!

Our Generous Donors

AE Via,
Alfred Crane,
Alice Holmes,
Alice Lee,
Alicia Dekker (in memory of Julia Hislop),
Alison Schoew,
Allan Murphy,
Amy L Harden (Thank you for serving our creative community and offering scholarships. The Muse has been a blessing to me and my family.),
Amy Logan,
An McCarthy,
Andrew Montague,
Andria McClellan,
Angela Winters,
Angelica Zaragoza,
Ann Bane,
Ann Sullivan,
Anne Meek,
Annette Taylor (You go Denise!!),
Antonia Giordano,
Archie Whitehill,
Arlene Arthur,
Barbara J. Taylor,
Becky Lane Coulson (The Muse is the BEST! Miss you all),
Beer-Drinking Scott,
Bernadette Bartlett,
Bernard Conda,
Beth McHose (in honor of My dad-Chuck McHose),
Beth Williams,
Betty Meyer,
Bob Baxter & Glenda Warner,
Bonita Fields,
Brad McMurran,
Bradley Wanzor,
Brendan Tierney,
Brian Hennessy,
Brynne Burgess,
Carol Gurioli,
Carol Howard (in memory of Dr. Robert John Howard),
Cary Petzinger,
Caswell Richardson,
Catherine Fletcher,
Catherine Malley (I love the Muse!),
Catherine Schuck,
Cathy Meckley Huemer,
Cecelia Hagen (Keep up the good work!),
Charles Wilson (Thanks for all you do!),
Charles Hecht-Leavitt,
Charles Rhodes and David Sadler,
Charles Stanton,
Chase Folmar,
Cheryl and Jason Gunning (Dedicated to the grads of 2020-at least you don’t have to fight the post ceremony parking garage traffic),
Cheryl Hornung (I am proud to contribute again this year because of the valuable service that The Muse provides to the community and in honor of Alicia Dekker.),
Christine Koubek,
Christine Neikirk (in memory of Susan Lilly),
Christopher DeMatteo,
Cindy Carlson,
CJ Vogt,
Claire Smith (in memory of Rev. Aaron D. Smith and Carolyn D. Smith),
Claudia Guynn,
Colley Crew (In Honor of all the Souls who have walked through the door of Colley Avenue Copies & Graphics Inc.),
Cristina Foss,
Curtis Givens,
Cynthia Vacca Davis,
Dan Duke,
Dana Staves,
Daniel Brame,
Daniel Brannick,
Dara King,
David Kushner,
David Cascio,
David Crawford (To everyone at the Muse-thank you for all you do for the community. You truly do make a difference! Sometimes in life we are fortunate enough to find someone or someplace that changes our lives. Thanks for changing mine!),
David Wilhelm,
Debbie Eddings (Write On),
Deborah Baxter,
Deborah Paige,
Deborah Wallace,
Debra Paine (in honor of Adam B. Paine),
Deepak Ray,
Dennis & Betty McMurran (in memory of Adam Paine),
Denyse McCurdy,
Derek McNeill (in support of Michael Virginia),
Derek Spohn (I am very grateful for the awesome staff and volunteers at the Muse Writers Center. I love the camaraderie and the learning this place provides.),
Diane Fine,
Diane Kaufman,
Dianne Blythe,
Dino McCurdy,
DM Frech,
Donna Givens,
Donnell Catherines,
Doris Knight-Bingham,
Douglas Carlson (Your work is important,
Douglas Knack,
Edwin and Emel,
Elizabeth Esenberg,
Elizabeth Girvan,
Ellen Bryson,
Emma Reilly (Thanks for all of the support as I continue to develop my writing! I'm looking forward to taking what I've learned at the Muse with me to college!),
Eric Williams,
Erick Holmes,
Erin Beaty (Miss you guys!),
Fran Ward,
Frances Scott,
Fritz Gillen,
Gabby Gillen,
Gail Kent (Love the Muse!),
Gail Perry,
Gareth Trollope,
Gary Mozingo,
Gavin Pate,
Gaylia Taylor,
George Kelley,
George Okaty ,
Gina Woodfin,
Govind Khandelwal,
Green Run High School Chorus,
Greetle Gillen,
Gretchen Gillen,
Gretchen Tegethoff,
Gudrun Nadjat-Haiem,
Harriet Schley,
Hayley Daniels,
Hercule Poirot,
Hilary Wriggers,
Hollie Sessoms,
Holly Chacon (in Memory of Dakota Chacon),
Intuitive Arts Life Coaching Services,
J Lisa Ray,
Jacob Gregory,
Jacqueline Gibbons (Love- a fellow worker bee!!!!),
Jacquie Solee (Thank you Michael for all you did for Tessa all those years ago!!!),
James Bounds,
James Joyce,
Jane Alvarez-Wertz,
Jane Barrett,
Jane White (in memory of Mary Kelliher Wilt),
Janel Hofler,
Janet Bing,
Janine Latus (in honor of the fabulous teachers),
Jeffery Brisendine (Thank you for your role in the community. I have loved the courses I have taken here. It has been a while due to medical issues and an art program I have been engaged in for the last year but I will be back. Thanks.),
Jeffrey Fine,
Jeffrey Hecker (The Muse is the best!),
Jennifer Frias,
Jennifer Edwards,
Jennifer Girvan (in honor of The Mighty John P.),
Jennifer May (Keep Inspiring!!!!),
Jennifer McDonald,
Jerry Stiller,
Jessica Kelley,
Jessica Tyree,
Jill Winkowski,
Jo Mozingo (I so appreciate a caring truly local organization that helps and encourages all ages and all abilities to explore their personal creativity. Makayla’s Gramma),
Joanne Davies (Thank you so much Muse family for being there to welcome me to the US. I will never forget the fun,
Jo-Anne Murphy,
Joanne Robbins,
John Chappell,
John DeDakis,
John Girvan,
John Weech,
Jon Berry,
Jon Zuck (in memory of Lloyd Zuck),
Joni Baker,
Joy Dean,
Judith Moffitt,
Justin Kosch,
Justin Wayne,
Kara Keeling,
Karen & Coral Kendall,
Karen Corrigan,
Karen Davis (in memory of Helen Kitzman),
Karen Reilly,
Karrie McDaniels,
Kasee Renshaw,
Kate Baldwin,
Kate Thomas (You guys are awesome!),
Katherine Chapman,
Katherine Cross,
Katherine Schulz,
Kathleen Renault,
Kathryn Copeland,
Kathryn Brobst (in honor of Michael),
Kathy Haney (in memory of Dakota Chacon),
Kathy Ruley,
Katie Hitchcock,
Katie Stevens,
Katy Frei,
Kay Brownlow,
Kelley Cody,
Kelley Sousa,
Kelly Connolly,
Kelly Morse (I'm proud that the Hampton Roads is one of the few metropolitan areas that can call itself home to a stand-alone writing center. It is a gift for our community.),
Kelly Sokol,
Kim Jaramillo,
Kim Nelson (Write on!),
Kimberly Engebrigtsen,
Kindra McDonald,
Koehler Books (Koehler Books is proud to continue supporting the Muse Writers Center and their amazing work to better the lives of local writers.),
Kristie Ocampo,
Kristin Mehaffey (Support the Muse!!!),
LaKeshia Whitehurst,
Lane Ritter,
Lauran Strait (in honor of Michael Khandelwal and his unwavering support of HRW),
Lauren McDonald (in honor of Jennifer Adams),
Lawton Baker,
Lee Entsminger,
Leigh Lagoe,
Leslie Entsminger (I'm proud to give to the Muse Writers Center because they help inspire not only me-but also the community. They offer beginning classes as well as more advanced-so whether you are just "dipping a toe in" or want a writing group-they have what you need.),
Leticia Alonso,
Lidia Sprinceana (The Muse is a blessing for creative people. Thank you),
Linda Cobb,
Lisa Vincent,
Lloyd Samuels,
Lydia Netzer,
Lynn Denison (I'm proud to donate to the Muse in honor of my Mother-Lee Denison-who loved to write Poetry her whole life),
Maia Peters,
Makayla Mozingo,
Makayla Mozingo,
Mandy Martin,
Marc Pessar (with thanks to Tim Seibles and Luisa Iglora.),
Marcus Layne,
Margaret Everton,
Marilyn Barton (in memory of Mary Zuccarini),
Marilyn Mendelson,
Mary Beauchamp,
Mary Tarowsky,
Matt Cole (PIZZA!!!),
Matt Jackson,
Matthew Reilly (Thank you for all you have done for my daughter-Emma Reilly!),
McBride Lumber,
Meaghan Mozingo,
Megan Frost and David Hausmann,
Megan O'Connor,
Meredith Gold,
Michael Owens,
Michael Rigg,
Michael Gulland,
Michael Jon Khandelwal,
Michael Knepler,
Michael Krentz,
Michele Young-Stone,
Milton A. Saunders Jr.,
Mirabai Roberts,
Nancy Blumenberg (in honor of Michael Khandelwal),
Nancy Dickerson (Love The Muse! Hang in there friends!),
Nancy Helman,
Natalie Ahlgrim,
Nicole Toy (Excited you’re doing online classes! Checking it out!),
now more than ever.),
Olivia Gillen,
Olivia Pelham,
Pamela Crenshaw,
Patricia Casey,
Patricia Corbus,
Patricia Smith,
Patti Hinson,
Paul Samuels,
Penny Lewis,
Penny Sullivan (Fight On Michael),
Peter Schulman,
Phil and Mary Ann Walzer,
Pieter & Hope Dahmen,
Prince Books,
Prue Salasky,
Rebecca Scherer,
Reeves Mahoney,
Reggie Buchanan (You have to lose something to be great at writing...why not sleep!),
Reginald Wood (in honor of Clay Jenkinson),
Remica Bingham-Risher,
Rich Werber (Write on! We need your stories),
Richard G. Levin,
Richard Goll,
Richard Marquez (supporting my cousin Anna),
Rick Eley,
Robert Bingham,
Robert Boester,
Robert Copeland,
Robert Edwards,
Robert Loomis,
Robert Strait,
Robert Vincent,
Robin Cowherd,
Ron Greenspan,
Rosanne Walters,
Rufus T. Firefly,
Ruth Schepper,
Sally Hartman (in honor of Michael Khandelwal),
Sandy Gamlin,
Sara Pelosi,
Sarah Wilt (I’m sorry it’s not much! Lots of love and support your way),
Scott Fales,
Scott Manzler,
Selena Carlson-Hagstrom,
Shannon Griffin (Good luck Michael),
Sharhonda Woods,
Sharon Leeman,
Sharon Talasazan (This donation is in honor of one of your excellent writing instructors at the Muse-Diane Fine),
Sharon Weir,
Sharri Booker (In support of The Muse.),
Shawn Rockhold,
Shawn Girvan (in honor of Bobby Howard and Bacon Girvan),
Sheila Arnold,
Sheila Sheppard,
Sheri Reynolds,
Sibel Galindez (Love partnering with you! From The Z-one of your biggest arts neighbor fans!),
Simon Edwards,
Skye Zentz,
Smile by Design,
Sonja Barisic (This gift is in honor of The Coven. You know who you are. And you are fabulous),
Stephanie Brannick,
Stephanie Catherines,
Stephanie Cooke,
Stephanie Sugioka,
Stephen Burgess,
Steven Blythe,
Steven Elmore (Thanks for the constant encouragement and bolstering creativity!),
Steven Salpeter,
Steven Saunders,
Susan and Walter Russell (Michael-best of luck in your fundraiser! We miss seeing you at the Film Forum.),
Susan Kaplan,
Susan Okaty,
Susan Paxton,
Sylvia Liu,
Tara Chapman,
Terrance Afer-Anderson (Write On!),
Terry Joseph (Keep up the good work!),
The Booth Family (Good luck reaching your goal!),
The Heckers (in honor of Alicia Dekker) Thumping Montgomery,
The Push Comedy Theater,
Theresa Scarbrough,
Thom & JoAnn Vourlas,
Tiffany Colvin Smith (In support of the work you do to support literary arts!),
Timmy Dunbar,
Timothy Seibles,
Tina Carey,
Toinette Thomas,
Tom Cannone (in honor of the Ghent Business Association),
Tracy Jackson (In honor of my friends Michael and Karrie!),
Tricia Edwards,
Valerie Wilkinson,
Victoria Kelly,
Victoria Lavallee (in honor of my wonderful time as a Muse Teen Fellow... of my incredible teachers... and of all the friends and memories I made along the journey.),
warmth and inspiration. The donations helped me out so much. Seems I can write after all!),
WeeTreeFrogs (In Memory of Dakota Anne Chacon. Blessed with your memory if not with your presence.),
Wendi White,
Whitney Weireter (in honor of Michael,
Anna and Shawn),
William Gillen,
William Laderberg,
Zachary Piggott,
Zida Ash,
78 Anonymous Donors,
Anonymous Donor (Appreciate and miss you all!),
Anonymous Donor (Because I love Muse),
Anonymous Donor (Half my Poetry Society of Virginia winnings this year.),
Anonymous Donor (Have a nice day!),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Alicia Dekker),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Ann Sullivan),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Brad McMurran),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Carol Howard),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Charles Hecht-Leavitt),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Cindy Carlson),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Diane Fine),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Ellen Bryson),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Gretchen Gillen),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Holly Chacon),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Jane White),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Jane White),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Jen Edwards),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Karen Corrigan),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Kate Copeland),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Kelly Sokol),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Leslie Entsminger),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Luisa Igloria),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Lydia Netzer),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Patti Hinson),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Richard Levin),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Sarah-Grace),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Sean Devereux),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Stephanie Catherines),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Steve Burgess),
Anonymous Donor (in honor of Tim Seibles),
Anonymous Donor (in memory of our democracy),
Anonymous Donor (in memory of public music events),
Anonymous Donor (in memory of the 2019-20 NBA season),
Anonymous Donor (in memory of Tom Brady's relevance in the NFL playoff picture),
Anonymous Donor (Thank you for all you do!),
Anonymous Donor (Thanks for all the great work you do for our community!),
Anonymous Donor (The arts are essential!),
Anonymous Donor (The Muse offers a valuable and rare opportunity for the people of the Norfolk area. Thank you.),