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Writers Resources

The Muse Online Community for Writers!

The Muse has been finding ways to adapt to and thrive in the virtual sphere for the past year; one of our goals, both online and in person, has always been to create a community space for writers. To that end, we are excited to present… The Muse Writers Server, our very own Muse Discord server! This is a virtual space for all members of the Muse community to chat, write together, and generally hang out. Join The Muse Writers Server!
If you don’t have an account, the link will prompt you to create one – it is fast and easy. If you’d like to learn more about Discord and how it works, there will be more information once you join the server using the above link; you can also check out the Beginner’s Guide.

Join the Writers Reservoir! 

Join our Facebook group, The Writers Reservoir and connect with other writers and share articles, essays and personal experiences about being a writer in the world today as well as information about places to submit, contests, conferences, and more. In this online writers’ community, you can share, learn, connect and find that often elusive creative spark. The Writers Reservoir is an open Facebook group. All are welcome to join and send invitations to join.

We understand how difficult it can be to get to work on your Great American Novel. Check out these resources to get your creative juices flowing and beat that writer’s block. Then, consider this your sign to get to work!

Genre Specific Resources

Nonfiction Resources

It takes true patience, poise, and dedication to write an entire book about the African Dwarf Frog, Abraham Lincoln, or Knitting a Baby Yoda: Step by Step. Here’s a great place to get started.

Editing Tips and Tricks

Professional Development

Self Publishing

We love to see creativity and ingenuity, and nothing screams this more than self-publishing. For all of you independent and totally-amazing self-publishing authors, here’s a great place to get started. 

Books on Writing

If you’re reading this, chances are you like books. And while this isn’t your average summer reading list, we do have some great recommendations for books ABOUT writing you should check out. 

  • The Best Seller Code by Archers and Jockers
  • Nabokov’s Favorite Word Is Mauve by Ben Blatt
  • Hit Lit by James W. Hall
  • Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life and Let Go of Your Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody
  • On Writing by Stephen King