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Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery provides local artists exhibition space. Preference is given to artists with a connection to The Muse.

Current Exhibition

Alisha Brown is an Artist, Navy spouse, and Life Coach in training. She is a Poet, a Writer of romance and adventure, and a Mother of beautiful children.

Artist Statement

Painting is a calming act in a chaotic life. Everything else falls away. Our beautiful world fills me with wonder and I can’t help but try to recreate a bit of that wonder, to capture it, sometimes by combining elements in unexpected ways, sometimes by drawing attention to something very small. There is so much beauty in the world, in unexpected places that I often want to drag people about and force them to see it, but people don’t enjoy having their faces shoved into a mushroom or shrubbery, so I have to capture bits of beauty in my work and frame it so others will pay attention.

My current work is the portrayal of natural phenomenon juxtaposed against hard geometrical shapes. I am attempting a journey that distorts perspective, making me infinitely small in comparison to the might of the universe but infinitely powerful compared to the delicacy of a butterflies wings. I want to question my own place in life, the universe, everywhere. I want to feel like an insignificant observer of the majesty around me.  I want my works to leave a longing for adventure. To inspire the testing of skills against a rough sea. To entice the exploration of a meandering tunnel. To step through the cosmic portal into another universe. To go out and witness the perfect moment. To begin an adventure.

I paint with a jelly jar, stamp using metal recovered from the salvage yard, sometimes incorporating bits of the metal into the painting and coat portions with shattered safety glass. These materials allow me to arrive in a place I never would have come to with conventional paint brushes.

Thank you for your interest! I hope to connect with you on social media. Please come visit!   @AlishaBrownArt


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