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Muse Friends

We believe in a thriving literary arts community and strive to form partnerships and friendships with other writers and organizations in the area. Here are some literary links you might be interested in, including some local businesses.

Join the Writers Reservoir

Join our Facebook group, The Writers Reservoir and connect with other writers and share articles, essays and personal experiences about being a writer in the world today as well as information about places to submit, contests, conferences, and more. In this online writers’ community, you can share, learn, connect and find that often elusive creative spark. The Writers Reservoir is an open Facebook group. All are welcome to join and send invitations to join.

Local Writers Conferences and Festivals

Local Organizations and Groups

Local Publishers and Places to Submit

Local Bookstores and Writer-Friendly Places

Grabbing a Bite Near The Muse

There are many nearby restaurants to enjoy a meal before or after class or an event. Here are some of our favorites: