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Fran Ward

Fran Walsh Ward (pen name: Frances Ellen Walsh) is an author, artist, and world peace visionary. Born in Cambridge, MA, she immerses herself in experiences and loves to share them through her writing. Graduating from UMass, Amherst, Fran was among the first class of women at Dartmouth, earning a masters degree in Liberal Studies. She has received a PhD in Metaphysics, a branch of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality--the body, mind, spirit connection. A teacher for over 25 years of English literature and creative writing (at prep schools and on the faculty at William and Mary), she now teaches writing classes at The Muse, conducts seminars, and gives sermons. An advocate for the Arts, she has a creative spirit, has been a columnist of art and music reviews, has directed plays, and displayed 3 and 4-dimensional art internationally. She has published two novels. Her latest published book is creative non-fiction. She has written for spiritual leaders in India and the U.S. Traveling the world, she has learned her best lessons from people she has met along the way. Fran believes that what we see in others is a reflection of what is within ourselves and that we are all connected (on the peace grid). When we are happy and our authentic selves, it is uplifting to the world. She wishes everyone love, courage and beauty. Her peace initiative to say "I DECLARE PEACE!" attracts participants throughout the world annually. One person makes a difference. You make a difference.