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April 25 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

1 session
Genre: Writers Craft 
  • Winter/Spring 2020
Time of Day:
Room: Classroom 4


Seats Remaining: 5 of 6
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The Method Writer: Stealing Techniques From the Actors’ Toolbox

Writers share a lot with our artistic cousin, the actor: we strive to bring characters to life and transport our audiences with good stories. Unlike painters, who have paint, brushes, and canvas to aid in bringing their art into existence, or musicians who have their instruments, the actor and the writer have only themselves. They don’t play the instruments; they ARE the instruments. We will explore philosophies and exercises put forth by some of the most highly esteemed theatre professionals: Stanislavski, Hagen, Strasberg, and others. Like literary magpies, we will skim the surface of these techniques and pluck out whatever shiny inspiration we find will enhance our Writers’ Toolbox.

The MuseTeacher: Alicia Dekker

Open to: writers of all levels of experience