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March 22 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

1 session
Genre: Poetry 
  • Winter/Spring 2020
Time of Day:
Room: Classroom 1


Seats Remaining: 6 of 8
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Speak for the Trees: Ecopoetics

Come speak for the trees, the gulls and frogs. Write of tides and seasons, the saved and soon lost, and the necessary beauty that still exists in a much-misused world. Ecopoetics places the human experience alongside the horseshoe crab’s, giving equal weight to each. It refuses to “other” the non-human and demands that a salamander’s right to exist be acknowledged and praised. In this moment of peril, as our natural systems careen toward chaos, the ecopoetic perspective provides a path forward toward a renewed narrative about our place on this planet. Come unearth the words you have to make the poems we need to survive.


The MuseTeacher: Wendi White

Open to: writers of all levels of experience