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Chloe Pausch

Chloe Pausch is a fiction/horror/romance poet and screenplay writer. His works include : INSERT WORKS HERE. They are currently a teen fellow writer in the muse center who started writing song lyrics when they were 10 and quickly realized that was too difficult and switched to poetry. She went from poetry to fiction to screenplay writing when she attended a club in the 8th grade. Chloe then built on his writing ability in his Literacy Fellowship, Boston Writing Program, and Muse Center. When he’s not writing about his childhood trauma in iambic pentameter, Chloe likes to re-rewatch How To Train Your Dragon while eating mozzarella cheese. When they aren’t binge watching tv they are out horseback riding on their off the track rescue horse who is aptly named: Sangria. The moment Chloe knew he wanted to work behind the scenes in the film industry was when (spoiler alert) Anna froze herself for Elsa in Frozen. He has spent countless all-nighters perfecting dialogue for a screenplay nobody has laid eyes on. And he has woken up at 2 am many a time to hurl numberless poems onto the pages of a hand-sewed journal. 😀