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Willow Bellevue

Compassionate. Joyful. Full of heart and a force for good, Wilhelmine Bellevue (aka Willow) is a fierce champion for kids, teens with big dreams, and young adults who are learning to adjust to the harsh realities of “real life.” A lover of words, business, and youth, she lives at the intersection of all three: a bilingual, self-published author who leads remote and in-person book signings/readings at schools and bookstores like Barnes & Noble, a savvy and accomplished businesswoman, and a trustworthy mentor who truly understands and loves kids. Fusing these passions has led Willow to her current role in admissions at a top university, where she uses her warm and caring nature to help college students realize their goals and dreams while also accepting life's realities. Willow describes her mission best, “I want my words to hug the hearts of readers.”