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The Writer’s Welcome Kit

Want to be a writer? Don’t waste time.

The Writer’s Welcome Kit aims to save you 100 hours of work and worry as you go from wanting to be a writer to working to be a writer. It’s the first e-course that combines the information you need with the resources professional writers use to get published. 

The Writer’s Welcome Kit is what every writer wishes they’d had when starting out.

Unlike writing books, the interactive Kit includes ten essential templates in Word and Excel to kickstart your writing life, plus 100 links to websites useful to writers.

Unlike in-person classes, you can complete the Kit on your own schedule from anywhere in the world.

Writing’s not boring, and neither is the Writer’s Welcome Kit.

We offer a range of interactive tools to help you develop your skills and immerse yourself in the literary world. The six-week course includes:

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A 100-page e-course workbook.

Chapters include: How to Start, Your Writing Practice, Your Reading Practice, Your Writer’s Craft, Your Writing Business, and Your Writing Life.

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Audio interviews

With advice from New York Times best-selling and award-winning authors such as Jess Walter, Peter Mountford, Claire Dederer, and Jane Wong.

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For editing stories, creating complex characters, and tracking story submissions. These templates mimic the documents a professional writer develops over the course of his or her career to maintain organization.

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To sites helpful for writers, including literary magazines, online writing tools, and free access to ebooks. New writers might not know all there is out there to help them in their careers.

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100 flashcards

To finally learn grammar and literary devices in an online interactive flashcard app. Learning these terms will really help you feel like a writer dedicated to the craft.

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100 writing prompts

To guide your freewriting sessions and free-write in characters’ voices. These prompts are provocative enough to get you writing and general enough to be reusable.