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Teacher Feature: Skye Zentz

Songwriting is for EVERYBODY! The fabric of our lives are permanently embellished with the songs that shape us. When we give music and/or cadence to our life stories and memories, we imbue them with a special power to stick, not just for ourselves but for others too. Come learn one of the oldest forms of oral tradition and find a colorful new way to tell your story!

Join Skye Zentz for “Songwriting 1” on Thursdays, Feb 24 – May 5, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm.

What makes you write?

Big Juicy Human Emotions! This life is so full of experiences and corresponding feelings- when I write a song it gives me a space to shape, twist, expand and release that feeling in a way that might help someone else do the same thing.

Who are your literary heroes or your biggest inspiration?

This year, I have been very inspired by T Kira Madden (her memoir Long Live the Tribe of Fatherless Girls is GOLDEN). Check her out if you haven’t!

What do you think about genres? Are they relevant? Do you take them seriously?

Genre is most assuredly relevant to me. It’s like a color palette or a lighting gel for a writer. By working within a specific genre, certain emotional hues pop more, shine brighter, etc.

What can a writer do to stand out in today’s world?

Be authentic. In a world that still very filled with instructions on how to be like everyone else, it is a bold brave move to be yourself, loudly. But your readers/listeners will find it easier to relate to your work, should you dare to do so.


Skye just finished co-writing a musical for her Emmy Award Winning song series “Green Beats.” “GreenBeats Live” will begin touring K-5 schools in the 757 with Virginia Stage Company’s education department this Spring.

You can find Skye on Twitter and Instagram.

Read about Skye’s work within the community HERE.


Remember, tuition assistance for classes and seminars is available for all who request it, no questions asked!