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Our Teachers

The Muse's instructors are all working writers and published authors who have taught courses at colleges, universities, and other community organizations. Read our teachersā€™ biographies and see what classes they are currently teaching.

Donna Wynn

Donna Wynn has been teaching ZentangleĀ® here at the Muse for a long time (even at our old location) and she enjoys the opportunity to share this meditative drawing process with others. She teaches the process in public schools, to senior adults, art retreats, in museum studio classes as well as in private instruction. She is a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) here in the Tidewater Area since 2013. Donna is passionate about this art form and leading others to this magical and meditative drawing process--leading by just "one stroke at a time." In her spare time she also loves writing and sharing her poetry with others.