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Our Teachers

The Muse's instructors are all working writers and published authors who have taught courses at colleges, universities, and other community organizations. Read our teachers’ biographies and see what classes they are currently teaching.

Sheila Arnold

Sheila Arnold has been performing since she was 8 years old. She currently lives in Hampton, VA and presents Storytelling Programs, Historic Character Presentations, Christian Monologues, and Professional Development for Educators and Inspirational/Motivational Speaking for schools, churches, and organizations throughout the US. She also performs in, manages and contracts new business for History’s Alive!, which mentors and provides employment opportunities and guidance to other performers. She has been performing full-time since 2003 and goes to over 150 different venues a year. Sheila Arnold is a Mt. Vernon Research Fellow with her work being focused on Oney Judge, the enslaved personal maidservant of Martha Washington.