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Our Teachers

The Muse's instructors are all working writers and published authors who have taught courses at colleges, universities, and other community organizations. Read our teachers’ biographies and see what classes they are currently teaching.

Timothy Norton

Timothy Norton (He/They) is a writer, father, and professor living in Norfolk, Virginia. Timothy’s writing examines the particular worldview of people who feel misplaced--emotionally, personally, or through a relationship--and the way those feelings seep their way into a speaker or narrator's worldview. As a professor Timothy specializes in the study and teaching of narrative form through its historical significance. Timothy is currently finishing his first full length novel, spearheading an international translation project focused around the Shinkankakuha modernist era of Japanese modernism, and teaching English at Old Dominion University. Timothy’s fiction, poetry, and reviews are available across the internet. You can follow Timothy’s many odd writing-centric eccentricities on Twitter or Instagram.