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Teacher Feature: Suzanne Rhodes

Take one of Suzanne’s Classes: The Poetry Workshop & Getting Your Chapbook Ready: A How-To Seminar

Suzanne Rhodes promotes an atmosphere of respect, trust, and camaraderie, so group members can be open and relaxed. Her passion for poetry is contagious. In workshops, everyone’s insights and observations are valued. Students have said they appreciate that Suzanne is well-organized and professional, and that they’ve grown in their craft through her classes.

“What I love most about being part of the Muse is the way words bind us together in workshops in a beautiful web of kinship and the sense that the silk of our poems holds against the surrounding chaos” – Suzanne Rhodes

Suzanne’s favorite authors:

  • Scott Fitzgerald
  • Annie Dillard
  • William Faulkner
  • Graham Greene
  • Robert Siegel
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins
  • Dylan Thomas
  • Dove, Li-Young Lee
  • George Herbert
  • Mary Oliver


Suzanne Rhodes, servant of poetry, yielding to its whims and demands (but often going behind its back to do whatever she pleases)

Learn more about Suzanne here, on Facebook, or Twitter. Read some of her work here, here, and here!