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Teacher Feature: Patti McCracken

Patti McCracken

Last night I dreamt I was taking photographs (a train station, an intricate spider web, a baby raccoon nestled at the bottom of a tree). For the next day or so, I’ll carry a little cloud of loss, of never being able to see these photos again. -Patti McCracken

Take a class taught by Patti: Techniques to Overcome Writer’s Block, How to Write True Crime

Why take Patti’s Classes?

Take Techniques to Overcome Writer’s Block because fear is a big bully, and we all want the bully to leave the room.

Take How to Write True Crime to learn everything from how to check your bias to how to organize your notes. There is a lot to juggle with this genre.

Patti’s favorite authors:

  • Patricia Highsmith
  • Shirley Jackson
  • Donna Tartt

Learn more about Patti here, on LinkedIn, or on her website!