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Watch The Muse on the Hampton Roads Show

September 16, 2020

The Muse Writers Center is spotlighted by The Hampton Roads Show‘s Kerri Furey, where Executive Director, Michael Khandelwal talks about how the center has reacted to COVID, and in some ways welcomed the opportunity to be extra creative. Watch the video and learn about The Muse’s fall classes and events–all online–where anyone in the world…

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Teacher Feature: Diane Fine

September 8, 2020

Take Diane’s Class:  The Screenwriting Workshop: Tuesday Evenings These classes offer insightful, positive feedback on screenplays, teleplays, TV pilots and treatments that are in progress. They will focus on story structure, character arcs and thematic development while also offering guidance on common screenplay formatting issues. Unlike other forms of writing, screenwriting is a highly collaborative…

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Teacher Feature: John DeDakis

August 2, 2020

Take one of John’s Classes:  Buffing & Polishing: The Art of Rewriting and Writing as a Way to Heal from Grief “Why do you write? To get rich? Famous? My hunch is those things would be nice, but you probably write because you must. Writing is its own reward, and writing well is a goal…

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Teacher Feature: Sheila Arnold

July 15, 2020

“Remember that when someone hears your story, it is hard for them to be your enemy.” -Sheila Arnold Take one of Sheila’s Classes: Storytelling: The Stories Inside Us and Storytelling: Social JusticeHere’s why Kindra thinks you should take her class: If you are a person who would like to learn more about how to tell…

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Teacher Feature: Skye Zentz

July 9, 2020

Take a class taught by Skye: Songwriting: The Lyrical Craft, Ukulele Performance Workshop, and Songwriting for Young Writers, Songwriting: They Lyrical Craft: This class is great for music lovers of all varieties, but especially for those who pay lots of attention to the lyrics and the stories behind the songs they hear. No musical experience…

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Teacher Feature: Jacob Gregory

July 2, 2020

“Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery.” E.M. Forster Take a class taught by Jacob: Introduction to Fiction Writing (Tuesday Mornings & Wednesday Evenings) Jacob’s classes are for writers of all ages and styles looking to jump into the craft. Expect engaging lessons, readings and exercises based on various writing elements. Favorite authors,…

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