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Muse Intern Program

The Muse offers a wide array of internship opportunities that fit the varied needs of a literary arts non-profit. All of our interns will work closely with staff, teachers, volunteers, and other interns and will have the opportunity to contribute greatly to the day-to-day operations of the organization. Each internship position is integral to The Muse’s growth and success. Though we are unable to offer paid internships, our interns are paid in experience and in the form of taking classes, free of charge. We will happily work with your University for programs that offer course credits or funding for unpaid internships. While your internship schedule will be flexible, we ask that each intern be able to commit to working at least 5-10 hours per week (unless stated otherwise).

An internship with The Muse is what you make of it. If you want to learn about how non-profits function, how to effectively utilize marketing and social media, about administrative functions, libraries, community engagement, or educational engagement, join our team of experienced staff, teachers, and volunteers. Our interns have the opportunity to explore new skills while further developing existing ones in a supportive and creative environment. 

If you are interested in applying to our internship program, please complete the form below. Include a brief cover letter and resume and specify which position you are applying for:

Internship Application

Our Interns!

Summer Operational Development Intern
Sierra Foltz

The Summer Operational Development Intern

assists the staff with tasks and projects focused around literary arts advocacy and program expansion which aim to fulfill The Muse's mission of promoting the literary arts and making them accessible to everybody. These programs include teen outreach and military service members/families-focused initiatives. Sierra also aides classes, participating in and eventually helping to facilitate workshops, and attending advocacy, networking, and other writing-focused events. She has the opportunity to shadow professional creative writing teachers, some of which are professors at Old Dominion University, in order to learn from them and hone my own teaching skills. In addition, Sierra contributes to discussions regarding future initiatives and the direction of The Muse focused on developing the public image of the organization and expanding programming as well as developing the unique culture of The Muse.

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Outreach Coordination Intern

helps grow the teen outreach program assisting in increasing outreach opportunities, creating lesson plans, scheduling workshops, and events, teaching workshops, collecting and analyzing data that measures student experience and growth as a result of participating in our writing programs.  Rebekah works closely with our Program Manager and Program Associate.

Other duties include:

  • Assisting in teaching workshops for elderly and military outreach programs when needed. 
  • Mentoring teen fellows. 
  • Training and managing interns when needed at The Muse and during Muse outreach events.

Rebekah Coxwell
Rebekah Coxwell
Remy Smidt
Remy Smidt

Marketing and Publicity Intern

will helps to generate content for The Muse’s social media accounts, with a focus on growing its following. This includes efforts to promote the work of writers and teachers within The Muse. Additionally, Remy is responsible for finding creative ways to promote and advertise the social programs within the Muse, so that the nonprofit can leverage the marketing materials to fund future programs. This position also includes publicity efforts, looking for ways that we can partner with local businesses and media outlets to promote Muse offerings to the community. Remy assists with events, both in planning and execution. Teaching is an equally robust part of this role. At the start, Remy assisted with outreach in the community, including at senior centers. Her position has now broadened to include more substantial and independent teaching responsibilities.

Are you interested in applying for this position? It becomes available in September/October.


The Office and Host Manager

Karrie has been the friendly face greeting newcomers to the Muse since we opened our new space. Her internship has developed as a result of her dedication and reliability. Karrie help maintains order in an otherwise chaotic office environment and sets the standards for our hosts and volunteers.

Karrie Loomis
Karrie Loomis