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Info for Artists:

Hello, wonderful artist! Thank you for your interest in partnering with The Muse Writers Center and sharing your work with our community. Below you’ll find more information on The Muse, the space, and other logistics of an exhibit. 

About The Muse:

We are a 501c nonprofit committed to making the literary arts accessible to all and building a thriving community of writers and artists in Hampton Roads and beyond. We host over 60 classes each trimester (Winter/Spring, Summer, and Fall) and dozens of events each month, including open mics, readings, drop-in writing sessions, club meetings and more. We also have open hours four days a week where anyone can drop by and use the space. 

About the space:

The Muse is located at 2200 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507, in the Ghent neighborhood surrounded by many other wonderful businesses with whom we partner regularly. We are also right by the up-and-coming Railroad District. The Muse has five classrooms (three of which are hybrid/Zoom-equipped), a lobby/library, a writer's room, a kitchenette, restrooms and, most importantly, the auditorium. The Muse auditorium is a large, flexible space that houses part of our library and is regularly used for classes, club meetings, events, and as a casual writing/working space. It also houses our gallery space, which is equipped with an art rail hanging system that can accommodate pieces of many different sizes and weights. Though the auditorium/exhibit space sees a lot of foot traffic, thanks to the layout of our library shelving all hung pieces are secure and out of the way of any accidental contact. (See pics at bottom of page for measurements.)


  • The Muse has liability insurance that covers the physical property and everything within. 

Exhibit terms & duration:   

  • Most exhibitions stay up for 1-4 months, though the exact duration will be discussed and can be adjusted according to your preference/schedule. 
  • The Muse asks for 20% of total sales made from the gallery, to be made as a donation via cash, check, or the Muse website at the end of the exhibit. 
  • Muse staff will be on hand to help set up/break down the exhibit, though we ask that you transport your work to and from The Muse yourself.  
  • The artist is responsible for handling all purchases/payments directly.
    • This includes listing prices, leaving contact info at The Muse for interested buyers, handling sales, and informing Muse staff which pieces have been sold and if/when the buyer will be coming to pick up their new art. 
  • We do request that purchased pieces either remain on display until the end of the exhibition or are replaced with a new piece in a timely manner (so as to avoid the dreaded blank canvas page wall) 
  • The Muse is more than happy to organize and host a gallery reception/opening celebration for your exhibit, as well as promoting both the event and your work on our website, social media, and email newsletter.


Photos & Measurements:

Welcome to The Muse!



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