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Host End of Shift Report:

Please please please fill this out before you leave! Thank you!

If the report does not send, refresh the browser and try again.

People-counting tips: We do not count visitors who come in for classes/events and immediately leave. Visitors only get counted if they come in early or stay after to use the center (chatting with hosts counts). Visitors do not include delivery people unless they stop to chat/ask about writing or The Muse. You CAN count hosts/volunteers/staff.

Staff Updates:

Sam has set up a Front Desk laptop for Host use. There is a Host Landing page (welcome!) with lots of new info:

  • An End of Shift Report Form to keep track of the people that come in during your shift. It will automatically send me an email so I can update our Open Hours numbers each time I come in.
  • The Host FAQ is a list of common questions that hosts ask/get asked. Please feel free to come up with any questions you think I should add. (And you can send them to me via the Communications form below)
  • Leave our staff a message form! This form can be used to contact all Muse Staff and is intended to take the place of physical notes/messages. They can be from people who come in, callers, or from hosts/volunteers that need to leave us an update. We will get an email IMMEDIATELY and will get back to the message as soon as we are available.
  • Host Resources - This is not finished, but it will end up being a list of helpful resources for Hosts.
  • Optional To-Do's - I'm still working on this too. It will be a list of random things that hosts can help out with if they are bored/restless/want something to do.



Leave our staff a message:

If staff is present in the building, ask the caller to hold. Then ask the staff if they are available to take a call.
If they are not, fill out the below form.

Host FAQ:

Staff Office Hours:

Host Resources:

Library Website

Library Procedure

Phone Procedure

Volunteer Handbook

Printing for teachers


Optional To-Do's!

Hosting? Bored? Want to stay busy? Here's some random tasks you could help with!

  • Put QR codes on the back of Muse stickers.
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Find cool content for The Muse to post to social media.
  • Google Review
  • Take pictures for The Muse's social media --guests, hosts, classes, the center, cool things. (Email pictures to or text them.)

Staff 100% OFF days:

Michael - OFF on Sat., Sun.

Shawn - OFF on Sun., Mon.

Susan - OFF on Mondays

Sam - OFF on Sun., Mon.

Jessica - OFF on Fri., Sat., Sun.

Lisa - OFF on Fri., Sat., Sun.