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Saturdays, Apr 4 - Apr 25
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

4 sessions
Genre: Poetry 
  • Winter/Spring 2020
Time of Day:
Room: Classroom 2


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Writing Through National Poetry Month: 30 Poems in 30 Days

How many poems have you written this week? This month? This year? Sometimes the biggest aid to creativity is a deadline. April is National Poetry Month and many poets celebrate it by writing a poem a day. In this workshop we’ll work on the hardest part of the writing process—creating the first draft, and creating a lot of them, in a short amount of time. We’ll work our way to finishing the month of April with 30 first drafts of poems we can tinker with all summer. We’ll explore ways to plan a daily writing practice and how to sneak writing time into our day, read the work of prolific contemporaries to help us prime our pens, use daily prompts to keep us going when our imaginations run dry, and share our work in a workshop setting to spur discussion, thought, and ideas.


  • April 4
  • April 11
  • April 18
  • April 25
Teacher: Shannon Curtin

Open to: poets of all levels of experience