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April 25 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

1 session
Genre: Writers Craft 
  • Winter/Spring 2020
Time of Day:
Room: Classroom 1


Seats Remaining: 8 of 9
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The Art of Writing Fighting

A good fight can tell a great story. Whether it’s two boxers in the ring or a sword fight between arch rivals, every fight tells a story. But what story does it tell? And what story do you want it to tell? In this seminar, we’ll go over the big and small details of writing a fight scene. Whether it is hand-to-hand, sword-to-sword or jet-to-jet, we’ll go over positioning, dialogue, tracking movements and how to tell a bigger story with a simple fight.

Teacher: Zachary Piggott

Open to: writers of all levels of experience