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February 22, 2020 @ 4:00 pm EST - 6:00 pm EST

The Muse Writers Center
2200 Colonial Ave, Suite #3
Norfolk, VA 23517 United States

Robert P. Arthur Book Release & Reading

A triple new- book reading: Disclosures and Silver Beach Rd., by Robert P. Arthur and a cutting from a newly published poem/play, River Country, poetry written by Kreiter-Foronda and dramatized by Arthur. The two will act the parts in River Country. Arthur says he can’t sing but probably will.

There will be refreshments and sort of a party. Kreiter-Foronda has been a leading member of the PSOV Executive Committee for dozens of years and is a Poet Laureate of Virginia Emerita, who has found the time to be an accomplished painter as well as the author of nine books whose works have appeared in three anthologies. River Country is a heart-thrilling work about her family that finds seemingly the whole natural world a roadway to endless love and resurrection.

Robert P. Arthur is President Emeritus of the Poet Society after four terms. He has been writing for sixty years and has published 26 books and over a thousand articles and reviews on the arts. 31 of his plays and poem/plays have been produced. His Hymn to the Chesapeake was produced in Virginia, Washington, New York, St, Petersburg, Russia, and many other places. A finalist for Poet laureate twice, he thinks Disclosures and Silver Beach Rd. are his best books. Silver Beach Rd, contains a one-of-a-kind long poem about the first ten years of his life and Disclosures is largely given over to love, lost and found.

Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Poet Laureate Emirate of Virginia, painter, and author of six books and three anthologies will read with poet/playwright/ novelist, Robert P. Arthur, author of twenty six-books and twice a finalist for Poet Laureate of Virginia, as well as President Emeritus of the Poet Society of Virginia.

Arthur will read from his two new poetry books, Disclosures and Silver Beach Road and both poets, who’ve been close friends for forty years, will read from their collaboration, River Country, a newly published poem/play focused on Foronda’s mother and her relationship with her Bolivian indian husband, Patricio. Based on Foronda’s poems, the poem/play moves with Arthur’s gifts as a dramatist.

In short. the Muse will feature two of Virginia’s finest poets and a possibly new art form, “the Poem/Play, which Arthur unveiled in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1993 and continues to develop, now with Foronda. Foronda’s poetry is lifted toward the heavens with her painter’s explosions of color.

Expect an unusual afternoon. All Welcome!