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October 23, 2020 @ 7:00 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT

  • Fall 2020
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Virtual Event

Amanda Gomez Book Launch & Reading

Join us Friday, October 23 at 7pm EST to hear Amanda Gomez read from her new book Wasting Disease!

This virtual reading will be streamed LIVE here and on YouTube.

To ask a question live. Ask it in the YouTube Live Chat or Comments!

Amanda Gomez is a Latinx poet from Norfolk, VA, where she received her MFA in poetry at Old Dominion University. Some of her poems have appeared in Nimrod International Journal, North American Review, PANK, Tupelo Quarterly, and Writers Resist.

Amanda Gomez‘s Wasting Disease is the antithesis of the vajazzled pussies of which she writes. The collection’s poems strip away social constructs, to expose naked pain. Little girls disintegrate like diseased starfish. The Jets rape Anita because she’s a brown girl. A dreamer performs her mother’s autopsy, clearing out the torso to make a maternal space for herself. Lips become scissors. And love is venomous. Gomez takes us to the brink of confusion, rage, fear, abandonment, despair—the horrors of a people in steep decline—and holds us on the precipice with a final line of disconcerting commentary, a new kind of nakedness … a lesson in scars. Read the collection. See us our worst. Hope for something better.

–Kit-Bacon Gressitt, publisher of Writers Resist