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February 25 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Time of Day:
Virtual Event

Fran Ward Book Launch and Reading

Join us on Thursday, February 25 at 6pm EST to hear Fran Ward read from her new book, Soul Tattoos.

This virtual reading will be streamed LIVE here and on Facebook. There will be a Q&A following the reading; if you would like to ask a question, leave it in the Facebook event above, or comment on YouTube during the live stream.

About the Author: FRANCES WALSH WARD, PhD, is a World Peace Visionary, Artist, and Motivator—as well as an Author of fiction and nonfiction.

Fran has written professionally for magazines and newspapers. Meeting with featured stars visiting Hampton Roads, she has written previews, reviews, and interviews in her art and culture columns.

Fran has taught writing and a variety of subjects in independent schools (where she coached varsity boys golf) and colleges, including the College of William and Mary.

She has traveled extensively, always originating World Peace initiatives. Believing we are all connected through The Peace Grid, Fran’s latest book Soul Tattoos gives examples of people near and far who are just like us. We are all one!

Writing as FRANCES ELLEN WALSH (her pen and given name), she has written the Ellyn series (Travels with Ellyn and Beyond the Drawbridge) and the autobiographical An American in Kashmir: Undaunted Love.

Author website:

About the Book:


"I have to admit that I have a tattoo—a physical, forever tattoo on the bridge of my nose—courtesy of a bomb cyclone when Mother Nature picked me up and face-planted me on an asphalt parking lot. My trauma tattoo (the medical label) was not crafted in a tattoo parlor on a whim in the wee hours after a night of rapture.

"I coined the term Soul Tattoos to describe the unforgettable, indelible marks—mental and spiritual—that we have collected over a lifetime—inked by mortals and time stamped by milestones.

"Each of the stories in Soul Tattoos describes someone or something that has engraved its meaningful inscription on me. The tattoos are invisible to the naked eye, otherwise, I would be covered inside and out.

"We are each unique—influenced by people and moments distinctive to us. We wear the signs of associations and memories as badges of distinction we have earned. We have no choice; they have become part of us.

"In Soul Tattoos, I share significant individuals and episodes that have had a powerful and lasting impact on me. May they trigger an appreciation for the individuals and happenings in your own life that have left a solid, lasting impression—your Soul Tattoos."


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