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February 18 @ 12:00 pm EST - 1:30 pm EST

Meeting Location:
  • In-Person
Coaster Coffee
8418 Tidewater Dr
Norfolk, 23518

Reading and Q&A with Drema Deòraich at Coaster Coffee

Local Muse author Drema Deòraich will be reading from her new book, Entheóphage, at Coaster Coffee in Norfolk. Meet us there for a reading, Q&A and book signing, plus some excellent coffee!


About the book:

Dr. Isobel Fallon thinks she’s found a treatment that will help her son and others suffering from Milani Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. What she doesn’t realize is that harvesting the source of this treatment in the only accessible place on earth it grows, a coral reef in the Nlaan Islands, is going to have consequences far beyond the disruption of the fragile ecosystem on one small reef.

CDC researcher Nadine Parker and her team are baffled. Lukas Behn’s daughter Kyndra has contracted a bizarre new virus that leaves her screaming in pain. But they can’t identify any physical, biological source for that pain, not in Kyndra, nor in the dozens, then hundreds, and finally millions of children worldwide succumbing to the same virus. And no one seems to have made a connection between what’s happening with the infected children and the events on a small coral reef in the South Pacific.

Eventually, Nadine has to face the unlikely truth and the enormous implications of it. The children aren’t sick. They’re changing. But will anyone else believe her?


About the Author: 

Drema Deòraich is a legal assistant, sometime gardener, spider savior, Nature-lover, cat mom, and writer of speculative fiction. While her short stories have appeared in Mithila Review, Electric Spec, All Worlds Wayfarer, and other zines, Entheóphage is her first published novel. She is currently hard at work on her next project, The Founder’s Seed trilogy, and plans to release the first book in early 2023.A long-time resident of Southeastern Virginia, Drema lives with her husband, two rescued felines, and all her other characters. When she’s not writing, she recharges with quiet moments spent among trees, surrounded by Nature.

You can subscribe to Drema’s writing blog at Keep up with the latest news about Drema’s releases at


Please note: This class or event is in-person. Currently, you do not have to show proof of vaccination to attend events or visit our center. Please read all our re-opening guidelines and important information before you visit.