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General Artist Event Form & Waiver

Formats Available for Book Launches & Other Events at The Muse Writers Center

Thank you for your interest in holding an event at The Muse Writers Center! Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch within the next week with more information.

Personal Info

Teacher, student, local to Hampton Roads, have attended an event or outreach program previously, recommendation, etc.

Event Info

If you would like to do a solo reading + Q&A for an upcoming or recent publication, select the "Book Launch" option; if you would like to participate in an event series (such as Poets in Conversation), select the second option; if you would like to propose a different type of event, select "Other."
Please enter your preferred date for your event. This can be a specific day or a more general time frame, i.e., "last weekend in February," "early September" or "prior to April 3rd." We do our best to honor requests for specific dates, but please note that if your chosen date is less than three weeks away it may be more difficult to accommodate.

Promotional Material

Please include your name, pronouns, and any other relevant information.
Add your info for your author site and/or any social media platforms you'd like to have tagged. We are @MuseWriters on Twitter and @themusewriterscenter on Instagram and Facebook -- be sure to tag us when posting about your event.
Please provide any needed information about other partners involved in event: other artists, contact/marketing info for booksellers, publishers, vendors, etc.
Any other comments, questions, concerns, opinions on pancakes vs. waffles?